Of The Left, The Right; And The Economics Of Free Markets

By Anang Pal Malik

Leftists have mastered the control of language. They have so mutilated language that for ordinary mortals it is difficult to figure out the game they are at; and that is to grab absolute power over fellow human beings.

Leftists have made the word Rightwing synonymous with murderous mobs of religious fanatics baying for the blood of those outside the faith, and now label all those who oppose the Leftists as Rightwingers. But the religious types oppose them because Leftists are Godless. As for as economics is concerned, the religious types are firmly socialists, because they also believe in a collective of men. People like me oppose them because we believe that human beings were not born to live in a zoo in which some Commissar/Party official/Bureaucrat assigns them work in the morning, and grants them ration in the evening (from each according to his capacity, to each according to his need).

Of course as they failed in this initial experiment in USSR, Leftists have modified the credo to-“Let them produce, but we will collectivise the incomes and redistribute according to needs. And to ensure that producers do not get too uppity, we will also lord over them as regulators.” This is the present Leftism- Welfare State with Regulation of Business and Commerce. Of course this is also producing the same results as the classic Leftism of USSR. It is also destroying societies, businesses, and commerce; only at a slower rate.

As against them, we the Free market “extremists” believe that if human beings are set free with laws to prevent use of violence; and the security of private property is guaranteed and contracts are enforced; citizens trade on mutually agreeable terms, exchanging value for value, and as a result, society gets ever more prosperous with time. Because each human being is different, each gets rich to a different degree and all feel envy and resentment against those richer than themselves, but in a Civilised society learn to live with these human emotions. Leftists fan and nurse these resentments to make them grow into hatred that helps Leftists gather mobs to unleash on the rich, or at least vote them into power. In India, the Leftists took control of the education, and have raised two generations of Indians who are economically illiterate and too brainwashed into Leftist worldview to make this simple distinction between those who oppose Leftists because Leftists are Godless, and those who oppose Leftists because Leftists believe that the leftists are so smart that they must enslave whole humanity in a zoo and run it as a laboratory to produce perfect human being who would labour all day and then queue up for his share of ration in the evening.