Oldest Hate: Stirring Resentment Against The Rich

Of Land Acquisition Bill:

Congress is playing the dangerous and dirty game of projecting business and industry as villains.
But far more distressing is to see educated Indians falling for the bait.
Of course natural envy and resentments against those better than self play a role, but equally responsible is the economic illiteracy of educated Indians.
Educated Indians are so illiterate of economics that when the child comes home unemployed or with a monthly salary of 15-20 thousand per month after graduation, they are not able to connect their votes with the fate of their child.
They do not see any contradiction either when they see their child trying to somehow migrate to the US, the land of big blood sucking Capitalists.
Educated Indians have lost all capacity to connect dots. They are not able to comprehend the simple fact that farmers are distressed because now there are almost 10 to 20 persons more dependent on the same agricultural land which was owned by just 1 person 75 years ago. Only solution was, and is, to take people off land by industrialisation. A one acre plot can barely support a family if used for farming, but put a factory on it, and it can feed 20 families. And they are also not able to comprehend, because they are mathematically challenged also, and unable to visualise the land area of India, that not more than 5% of land area is required to attain the same industrialisation as of Germany, France, and UK. Or that even with just 1% of its population engaged in Agriculture, how the US is able to feed the whole world.
Even the government types, who hold businessmen and traders in such contempt, should know that all their salary and perks come from the taxes paid by those businessmen and traders, and so does all the bribe money they collect.