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Our Language Formulas

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Uttar Pradesh has Hindi medium education in all subjects till 12th standard. You can safely say that they teach English also in Hindi only.

So there was a great Engineering University, Roorkee University. It had its entrance examination in Hindi also. The university was a state university, but intake was from all India. UP Board students used to crack the exam. Tough it was, next to JEE. But students from UP rural area also used to crack it. Syllabus was also almost same as in UP Board.

Then Roorkee University became an IIT. IIT JEE follows CBSE syllabus. And CBSE is an English medium Board. When IITs introduced question papers in Hindi also, student composition suddenly changed. Students from rural areas who dressed poorly and spoke no English reached IITs, to the dismay of all, including faculty.

So, exactly for who are we running the colleges and universities?The All India Services? Who are supposed to staff them?

Words form the mind. Child picks up words from her mother. Her mother lives in a certain society, in a certain geographical area. Languages evolved organically. They reflect geography, and the knowledge, the thoughts accumulated since the time we started speaking.

Most of our kings ruled many language areas. But they never tried to impose any one language. State was one of the employers, but not as big an employer as it is now, and in any case jobs were not central to life as they are now.

A child growing up in one language and then at the age of five being forced to educate herself in another language is to torture her, to mutilate her mind, to render her incompetent and with poor comprehension and poor understanding; to disjoint her from her family, from her society, from her culture. It is driving her to schizophrenia.

We must made it compulsory that education in each of our states will be only in the language of that state in all subjects at all levels. Students may have second language as a subject, not medium, after 6th standard, and third after 9th standard.All entrance examinations of Central Institutes must be in all Indian languages compulsorily, and all state government entrance and recruitment exams must be only in the language of that state, and all Central govt recruitments must be in all Indian languages. All High Courts must be only in the language of that state, and the Supreme Court must have benches for all Indian languages.

May be the dumbness index of the Great Indian Dumbs will go down and disappear finally. The language racket continued after the Colonials left has decimated us more extensively than a Nuclear bomb could ever have. We do not learn our language, its literature, because it doesn’t pay in terms of job, and we are not able to learn English because it is not our mother tongue, and nobody actually teaches it. The folks called English teachers are actually jokes in English we do not enjoy, because they are in English.

We do not read, because reading books in our language is uncool, and English books we do not read because our comprehension of it actually sucks, so we do not enjoy. Because we do not read, so nobody writes books in India. And our dumbness is only growing as a result. And any thug, looter, taqiyamaster, and rice baggy can rule a dumb people.

English of course has ably killed the competition for the children of the cronies of the Colonials, of the quislings, and of the collaborators. Stupid, dumb, corrupt, and looters, they rule us because English blocks us out of the government.

And no, English is no advantage. There are a large number of non-English speaking countries doing extremely well for themselves. As for communication among ourselves, never worry. Everybody in India knows Hindi, and most Hindi speaking folks know three-four other languages. And if they don’t, they will find some way to communicate, may be Morse Code, may be binary. This excuse to have a language to communicate among ourselves and so let-us-adopt-English must be buried where it belongs: deep in the sea, in Mariana trench.

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