Radical-in-Chief In The White House: Obama Won’t Operationalise Nuclear Deal With India, But Would Give Pakistan One

Obama continuing in his habit of legitimising the rogue regimes of the world, easing sanctions on them, freeing funds for them, giving them nuclear capabilities; is now legalising the nuclear capabilities acquired clandestinely by the nuclear proliferator Pakistan.

The US is solely and squarely responsible for the fact that death-cult like regime of Pakistan has nuclear weapons today. The US sheltered Pakistan when it was acquiring nuclear technology by stealth, it even used Pakistan to transfer Centrifuge technology to China (Pakistan kept a copy of the blue prints for itself), it did not act when Pakistan was caught proliferating nuclear technology to Iran and Libya.

If India ever gets nuked by Pakistan, the world must know that the US enabled Pakistan and made it all possible.

And now that Pakistan is using its nuclear umbrella to openly send terrorists into India, the US, under President Obama, instead of controlling the country it has always sheltered and saved, is legitimising the umbrella by signing a nuclear deal with Pakistan. The deal will open the doors for Pakistan to the latest nuclear technology, will lift sanctions on it enabling it to acquire even deadlier arsenal. The US is supporting and arming a death-cult masquerading as a country against a democracy.

The Times of India has details:

“WASHINGTON: The Obama administration is exploring a possible civilian nuclear deal with Pakistan ahead of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s visit to Washington later this month, a Washington Post columnist has reported, citing a sole source “familiar with the talks” who said Islamabad has been asked to consider “brackets” relating to the deal.

Brackets, in diplomatic parlance, are numerous alternative formulations that are negotiated towards an eventual agreement. According to the report, the deal centers around a civilian nuclear agreement similar to the one the United States arrived at with India, in exchange for a Pakistani commitment that would “restrict its nuclear program to weapons and delivery systems that are appropriate to its actual defense needs against India’s nuclear threat.”

Pakistan might, for example, agree not to deploy missiles capable of reaching beyond a certain range, the report said, citing the source, who indicated that the US might support an eventual waiver for Pakistan by the 48-nation Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), the same way it has done for India.”(from the news item.)