Ram Madhav Doesn’t Know His Interlocutors

In an edit page article in the Indian Express of 02-03-2015, Ram Madhav of BJP details the thoughts that went into BJP sealing an alliance with PDP in J&K.

The alliance has been entered into by BJP in the fond hope that PDP wants the same things as BJP wants. That by agreeing to alliance, PDP signals that it has decided to give up its agenda of securing incremental secession of J&K.

Nothing can be farther from truth. BJP perhaps doesn’t know that PDP was free to enter into alliance with it for six years without inviting the charge of hypocrisy, because it was less than ten years. And to stay true to script, it has already started making life hell for BJP from the start.

For PDP, the alliance is just to gain time, because it is now weak. But it has to continue to strive, and break off the alliance when it is beneficial to do so.

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