Socialism Kills At Least 7,50,000 Kids Every Year In India

Infant mortality rate in India is 41.

It is 11 for China, 3 for South Korea, 7 for Malaysia, and 25 for Indonesia. These are the countries that were poorer than India in 1947, with worse infant mortality rates. Taking average of these figures, Indian infant mortality rate could have been 11 today, had India followed free market, Capitalist economic system, as these countries did.

Nehru-Gandhi family led Leftists instead imposed socialism on us. With about 2,50,00,000 live births every year, and 41 deaths per 1000 of live births, as a direct result of socialism; 7,50,000 children die in India every year before reaching their first birthday.

Multiply that with 65 years, and the figure comes to 4.87 crore human beings.

This does not include children dying during first five years, who had survived first year. And the grown ups living diseased and miserable, wretched lives, because of unclean surroundings, poor dwellings, and inadequate health services.

Therefore, the Nehru-Gandhi led Leftists in India have killed at least 4.87 crore human beings by imposing socialism on us. And they are not done as yet.

Socialism kills.