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Story Of America’s Greatness And India’s Mediocrity

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(Friend Vishnu Vardhan posted the below content on his wall on Facebook few weeks ago. This is a post we all should get printed, framed, and hang it on our walls in our homes, offices. Because it contains story of America’s greatness; and story of our mediocrity, poverty, hunger, and corruption.
Life is not complicated. It is the most simple thing. You do not have to read mathematics, economics, or anything. Just BE HONEST, and KEEP YOUR WORD, YOUR PROMISE; to yourself, to your family, to your neighbours, to your employer, to your employee.
Do so, and everything will become great. Do not do this, and whatever else we do, we will always be a thieving, corrupt, mediocre, and poor society.)

Why JNU produces Kanhaiya
While MIT produces Nobel prize winners

Few days back during a lunch me and my friend went for a meeting during and while coming back our car had some trouble while taking it out of the open parking lot 
Since it was raining heavily I didn’t want to leave her alone in the car and go back to school 
So by the time we figured out what happened to car and we could started it
I got 15 min late to my class

That was the first and only time I got late to the class in my time here at MIT 
Next day I got a mail from my advisor warning me that it is gross indiscipline to come late to class 
I had to write an apology letter explaining what happened

MIT is such a wonderful place to study 
Everyone from your professor to admin staff go out of their way to help students 
They make your life so comfortable so that you can only concentrate on studies and research 
Everything is organised so perfectly 
You can’t find a fault even if you search with a microscope 
And they feed back on everything they do 
From quality of teaching to organising any meet or Workshop 
They take your feedback seriously and work on it

The two things MIT or Harvard or any top university never tolerate is Plagarism and indiscipline 
Hence you can’t come late 
Attendance is 100 percent mandatory 
U can only take leave if you have seriously ill or personal emergency 
In a course you can take maximum 2 leaves with prior permission 
If you take more your grade will be reduced or they can detain you 
We never even think of skipping a class 
Even if it there is a storm we go to class if the school in working

But in JNU the students and teachers are both fighting against as basic a rule as signing an attendance sheet 
They say we will come to class if we like it or we will go to a movie or a pub if we don’t like it 
No doubt MIT is world no 1 university 
And JNU is not even ranked anywhere

JNU produces Kanhaiya who writes a fake thesis and get it published in a fake journal 
And MIT has 93 Nobel prize winners
PS – You will find me running in the campus every Monday and Wednesday at 2:25 pm. My Applied Blockchain class happens in a computer lab which is about 1 km from my other class 
So I have to reach it by 5 min 
So I always run to reach there on time 
Imagine running in boston wearing a Huge Eddie Bauer jacket timberland shoes in cold rain and snow carrying you laptop iPad and books in a big bag 
Well that is the discipline MIT expects from its students.

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Educated Indians fall for every fraud that comes out of the west. In the awe of the Colonials, everything...
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