The Basis of Fraudulent Global Warming Scare Explained

In an article at, Viv Forbes explains in detail how the Global Warming scare has been created, how actually earth’s temperature is dependent on factors no model as yet has been able to factor into their calculations, and how a computer programing trick has been used to obtain frightening temperature increases of coming decades.



“However, climate history tells us that Earth has a natural ability to self-correct climate extremes. Unlike the models, whose feedbacks produce tipping points, Earth has never suffered a warm era or an ice age that lasted forever. In fact, the life-supporting warm periods have been comparatively short.

There is a fatal flaw deep in the heart of every climate model which a group of researchers have recently uncovered. This is a feedback formula, which provides never-ending feed-back and runaway warming. The formula is borrowed from electronic circuitry and is not appropriate for complex dynamic systems such as Earth’s atmosphere.

The effect of this formula is dramatic – it multiplies the initial minor greenhouse warming by a factor of at least 3. This takes their forecast warming from a doubling of CO2 from an un-alarming 1℃ to a scorcher 3+℃. It is why every one of the 73+ models runs hot.

This feedback mechanism in the climate models is the sole basis for the warming scare.

It is clear that most climate change is natural. Earth is on a natural climate see-saw and not approaching a man-made tipping point.” (from the article)


Read the whole thing here.