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The Cost of Free Water and Cheap Electricity

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Through its control of education and media, The Left has successfully created a new God- Government.

Unlike the Gods of various religions, the Government God actually is a benign fairy. It demands no worship, but it arranges all sorts of free stuff: free food, free housing, free education, free healthcare……free water, and the electricity at half the rates.

And even the educated, in fact even the atheists (as Leftists calle themselves), who call the worship of the traditional Gods as superstition, actually believe in its existence.

Jury is still out whether God of religions exists or not.

But the Government God is one real big fraud.

First about the language of the Left. In 1984 George Orwell explains that language itself can be so modified that lies become truth, and soon people may even forget that there is any difference between lie and truth.

Through the control of the language, the Left has now made it universally accepted that it is the Government’s duty to be a fairy, and arrange the free stuff. The only disagreement is now about the quantity of the free stuff, and among the political parties, the only competition is who can deliver more and better.

The original lie, that the government has to be a fairy, and can be a fairy, is now a sacred truth.

But government the fairy is the real demon. Demons of the religions may or may not exist, but the government as the fairy is a real demon, exists, and is destroying societies wherever it has taken residence.


The fact is the government has no money of its own. It never had, whatever was its form.

If government has money, that means that much has been taken away from the citizens who earned the surplus to their most basic needs.

Governments are constituted among men to discharge the common functions like Defence, Law and Order, and the roads.

For that they are permitted to levy taxes.

Nowhere in the original covenant of the society was it agreed that government can transfer the wealth of one citizen to another………

Even today, you ask any man, rich, middle class, or the poor; whether he permits government to take away his money and give it to his neighbour, the answer will be a resounding, vehement no.

But the Left successfully created this illusion that the government has money of its own, and with that money it is supposed to feed the people for free, house them for free, educate them for free, give them healthcare for  free. And if it is not doing so, it was only because the rich were misappropriating the government money (public ka paisa, they call it), and that was precisely why they were rich in the first place.

That is, the rich were the people who had cornered more than their fair share of government money.

And all that was required was that the Left take over the government, and ensure fair and equitable re-distribution.

First they tried the route of violent take over of the governments. But because the Free World was too strong, they failed to overrun the world, and those outside the countries controlled by the Left could see that the government was after all not a fairy, and nothing could be had for free.

But now the Left has discovered that the system it otherwise despises- democracy- is in fact its best ally.

All it needs to do is that through the use of media and education, create the meme that it was government’s duty to help the hungry. From helping the hungry, it soon graduates to government must take full care of a man from cradle to grave, and with enough voters convinced that government has money of its own, or worse, that it was government’s duty to loot their neighbours and share with them the loot, the electoral politics takes over.

Political parties start competing not on whether it is moral, legal and Constitutional to rob one man to feed another, but on who can rob him more efficiently, and who can transfer the loot to his neighbour more efficiently.

If a party says that it is wrong to do so, it can be sure of staying on the margins of politics forever.

With parties competing among themselves to increase the quantum of free stuff to win the elections; for the government itself, and as a consequence for the society and the country; it is the race to the bottom. The bottom of financial solvency, of work culture in the country, of ethics and morality among citizens.

Nothing impoverishes a country faster than a culture of government freebies.

Because government has no money of its own.

If it is giving a citizen something for free, it has to necessarily take away from another citizen not just the equal amount, but some more, to cover the cost of the government machinery itself that is doing the taking and giving away.

And result is that those who get the free stuff do not work, and those whose money is being taken away stop producing surplus, or stop producing anything and join the queue for the free stuff.

And as the money itself is nothing but the work done by people, with less and less people doing less and less work, government’s finances start deteriorating. It starts cutting back on essential expenditure like that on the military, on police, on justice delivery system, and on the roads. Soon even such savings become inadequate, it starts borrowing, but can’t repay the loans. Finally the debts come due and the government collapses, leading to anarchy and misery, in which the poor are hurt the most.

And so it is with the free water and electricity at half the price being promised by the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi.

If water is to be given free, and electricity at half the prices, that much money has to be taken away from some other heads of expenditure like roads and schools. Therefore the roads and schools will deteriorate, leading to lowering of productivity, which will lead to lower revenue for the government, which will lead to even lower expenditure on the roads and education.

Another way of funding these two freebies would be to increase the taxes. That will also have exactly the same result for the economy. If more money is being taken away from the citizens by way of taxes, they will have that much less to spend on clothes, houses, household goods; leading to reduction in demand. That will lead to death of businesses and unemployment, and will increase the need for freebies.

Anything free or cheap is demanded more and is wasted more, and therefore demand for water and electricity will increase, which will either lead to even more expenditure on them, or to rationing of these two.

With all other functions of the government suffering as a result of free water and cheap electricity; general economic activities will suffer, leading to reduction in government revenue. Soon the Delhi government will be bankrupt.

Free water and cheap electricity, and all other freebies, are recipes for economic ruination. It speaks volumes about the economic illiteracy of even the better average educated citizenry of Delhi that they can fall for this chicanery of free stuff.

In fact to deliver the free stuff, government has to grow in size, has to intrude more in the lives of the citizens, and that always leads to more corruption, as is detailed in the book “ Corruption in India,” by Anang Pal Malik ( free to download copy is available at ). Therefore, AAP’s freebies will actually increase the corruption, not reduce it. That means even the thing that birthed it-corruption-will only increase as a direct result of the free stuff policies of the government.

Remember, government giving away free stuff is nothing but Socialism, and whether a Socialist government seizes power through violence, or it is voted into power by those who want free stuff, it always leads to bankruptcy of the state/country. And few countries have been able to stand up again after ravages of Socialism.

The free water and cheap electricity being promised by AAP is horribly costly.


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