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The Critical Theory (The Frankfurt School)

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The critical theory is a school of thought, also known as The Frankfurt School, which is also known as Neo Marxism. The basic claim of the theory is that human knowledge, human perception, human observation of the reality is flawed because the sensory apparatus and the processing apparatus themselves are corrupted by the society in which man grows. That the capitalism so corrupts the thoughts of the members of a capitalist society that they can’t perceive that that they are being exploited, that they are the slaves of the rich, of the bourgeoisie.
Critical Theory is the marriage of ideas of Marx and Freud. Gramsci of Italy independently developed similar ideas. According to him, the arts, culture, popular culture, mass culture, education, media, and language are the instruments of the rich with which they raise slaves. To free man, they argued that the Leftists must take control of these instruments and then through them teach the masses the truth, and thus free them.
And a destruction bigger than Russian Revolution started……
Leftists did take control of these fields in the democratic societies. And through them they have successfully raised at least two generations which believe:
1. Sense of duty, shame and honour are chains.
2. Woman is enslaved and oppressed in family.
3. Patriotism is enslavement.
4. In a given country, majority religion is evil, oppressive, and obscurantist.
5. Children are oppressed in families.
6. Minorities are oppressed and must be privileged.
7. Trade unions must have right to violence.
8. Leftists only can decide what can be debated and discussed.
Catastrophic and unintended consequences in the West, and now increasingly in India, have been:
1. Men are increasingly abandoning mother of their children, as there is no longer any shame or honour. Divorces are increasing.
2. Home has become an arena of war, wife fighting for her rights, children calling police against their parents.
3. Marriages are going out of fashion, with women being used in live-ins and then abandoned. After all, marriage is oppressive.
4. With no sense of duty, people are no longer having babies, jeopardising the Welfare State of the Leftists. In desperation, they are importing men from the people who still have children-the Muslims of Middle East. Again giving rise to even more horrible unintended consequences.
5. Girls in the west are being raped, sex-groomed, made sluts, as men of those societies feel no shame in the way their women are being treated.
6. Trade Unions have rendered most businesses unviable, leading to flight of capital and import of “cheap labour.” Again giving rise to catastrophic unintended consequences.
Why did nobody resist these thugs during last 90 years of their termite like war on Civilisation?
The Frankfurt School was founded by son of the one of the richest men of Europe at the time. It was an institute attached to this or that university all through its life, and its members always held tenured posts, and now professors in almost all universities subscribe to its views. The leading lights of arts, cinema, culture, and politics are its soldiers.
In contrast, those trying to resist them do not have sons of the rich funding them. Most starve. And give up. We may abuse Hindu organisations of India for not doing “enough” but in reality we must salute them for the fact that they are at least there, managing to survive in spite of the fact that no Hindu ever supports any of his organisations.
In the west, resistance is building up. Men with resources are staking their personal fortune to fight these power hungry venals, the Leftists. More men like Donald Trump, who do not have to beg the ingrates for resources, are rising and putting up a real fight.
In India, internet has come just in the nick of time. Because of internet, people are resisting the resourceful Leftists at a very low cost. Next couple of decades are going to be decisive-in the west, and in India.
(Mukesh Ambani is likely to launch Fibre To The Home (FTTH) broadband next month. That will be the biggest blow for Freedom. With those kind of speeds, information will be finally free from the Leftist thugs.)

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