The End Of Mahabharata War

In Railway, they say that systems are so designed that accidents are impossible till one person commits a series of mistakes, or many people commit mistakes at the same time.
Shakuni avenged the injustice he perceived was done against his sister. But could he have done that had Dhritarashtra not at the same time been carrying his own grudge? Could they both have succeeded had Duryodhan been not so receptive to their poison?
And could all three have succeeded if the “good” men, Bhishma, Drona, Vidur did not have such misplaced notions of duty and loyalty? Could they have succeeded if Yudhisthira had not been so eager to sweep deeds of Duryodhan under the carpet to maintain peace all along?
The holocaust called Mahabharata was in the making for a long time, and chiefly because the good men were avoiding to look problem squarely into the eye. They in fact took to appeasing the thugs, and the thugs continued to grow, both in their strength and in their demands.
And sense of victimhood is the biggest evil. Dhritarashtra was still a prince, even if blind. He was just one step removed from the throne, and on the throne was his own loving brother. His blindness was not world’s fault. It was just a fact. Likewise, Gandhari herself chose to accept the offer of marriage to him. What exactly was Shakuni avenging? And the only appeasement Yudhisthira could have done fruitfully, only time his generosity could have averted the disaster was when he could have passed Crown of the prince to Duryodhan when Yudhisthira was first made crown prince. Only at that time, this master of all appeasers did not think to appease.
All Hindus drink Mahabharata in their mothers’ milk. Yet, even today, all Hindus replay exactly the same mistakes, frame by frame, scene by scene, with exactly the same consequences. Like they are just actors on stage, still reenacting Mahabharata, and ironically, to themselves as the audience.
Life is actually very simple, and unimaginably beautiful. Do not carry victimhoods in your head. Do not appease. Do not avoid calling out the wrong when you see it. And avoid the professional rescuers, the ones who are in the business of rescuing the victims.
There is only one injustice in the world: holding somebody slave, using violence to control others’ lives. We are the luckiest generations, born when slavery is gone. And violence is unfortunately still present only because we are trying to appease the professional victims, or being Duryodhan to the professional rescuers, the present day Shakunis.
And who exactly are the professional victims and the professionals rescuers? Well, if you have been reading me, I am sure you know. And if you don’t know, you must devote some time and find out. Because both come in many layers of disguise, which only your genuine curiosity can penetrate. Making answers easy to the two biggest evils of the present age will be real injustice to you.