The Greek Tragedy

Greeks have voted into power ultra-Leftists who have promised to roll back all the austerity measures. Greece is bankrupt. Greeks have over the year voted themselves perks for which they never worked. Collectively, Greeks have been spending more than they earn, year on year. Finally creditors refused to lend them any more money, and so the government was forced to cut back on the Welfare benefits.

Along came the ultra-Leftists who promised to continue the Welfare programmes, without ever explaining where the money would come from.

Greeks are already going around with begging bowls, and being turned away from every door. What Greeks voters are saying is this,” Keep my Welfare cheques coming, where do you borrow the money from I don’t bother, how will you repay is your problem, because I gave you my vote.” In short, Greeks are saying that because they have votes, so law of gravity should not apply to them. Good luck with that folks. As for the Oxfam study that says soon 1% richest will soon own 50% of the world’ wealth, well that is just another blackmail tactic of the Leftists. Oxfam is a Charity. So what does a Charity have to do with wealth distribution? Simple, they are in the business of direct transfer of money from those who earn it, to those who don’t, keeping an unspecified share for themselves. And what better way to make the rich pay than by frightening them with the mobs of unwashed millions, who, the Oxfam is saying, have been deprived of their money by the richest 1%. And so this fraudulent study. As for living in a village, as many Leftists are saying we should do because Capitalism has failed, may be life there is good. To prove that, Leftists can come together and start a new village. If people find life in their village more meaningful, more and more people will come and settle in it, till it grows to accommodate all 7 billions of us. But no, Leftists won’t do that. They want to seize fully functioning countries and then send everybody to live in the villages, at gun point if required. As for the world economy being in danger, all the time Leftists in India tell us the wonders of the Welfare States (Socialism lite) in Europe, and finally when they start collapsing, Leftists declare that, “Capitalism has failed…..” What is failing is not Capitalism, not unsustainable development, but unsustainable Welfare Programmes of the Leftists. The Free Rice is exploding, all over the world.


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