The Indian Express Still Worships Global Warming/Climate Change Fraud, Wants Carbon Tax

Global Warming/Climate Change fraudsters are behaving as if their fraudulent claims have already become scientific facts, and it is high time we move to commit economic suicide by legislating/taxing carbon out of our lives. They use the child word “dirty” for coal, and want coal based energy to be heavily taxed, thus causing energy poverty, and as a result strangulating economic growth.

Sadly enough, even our present government pays obeisance to this fraudulent God of Warming, and is in over drive to throw tax money on subsidies to solar and wind power, the so called green energy. In reality, these are no power sources, but just stratagems to milk the subsidies. They cause heavy pollution in the manufacture of equipment for them, and when installed destroy landscape and kill birds on industrial scale. And both still need equal capacities of conventional energy sources as standbys.

In fact Leftists themselves (the promoters of Global Warming fraud) are responsible for India’s over dependence on coal. They have successfully politicised the pricing of gas, with the result that it is impossible to let the market decide the price of gas in India, and so no meaningful investment is being made in exploration, and in development of already discovered fields of this much cleaner and more convenient source of energy.

And now, the Leftists, encouraged by the utterings of government officials, are openly talking of carbon tax. Carbon tax is the dream of the Leftists, because it would be the ultimate weapon to redistribute wealth among their favoured “victim” groups. Once government agrees to carbon tax, even sky will not be limit. But that would mean accepting that carbon is a polluter, not a life giver, and because carbon is central to modern life, this will be a tax on life itself. Every activity would then be taxed, and economy would be destroyed and we would be finally impoverished back into caves.

In reality, there is no man made Global Warming or Climate Change. There is nothing we can do to warm or cool the planet, or change or keep static its climate. That is done by the Sun, and by the Sun alone. Sea levels have always been changing, and for the most part changed much before we human beings came on the scene, or started producing CO2. Even in the production of so called green  house gases, we are a bit player, there are huge natural sources of green house gases over which we have no control. Historically, the glaciers are also receding since the end of Ice Age, and will continue to do so till the next Ice Age comes.

It will cost negligible to adjust to whatever Climate Change nature imposes on us, as compared with our arrogant and foolish attempt to hold the Climate static. We are not capable of controlling the Sun. No way.

Indian Express has been regularly publishing articles by the votaries of Global Warming/Climate Change fraud, without ever letting its pages get sullied by any counter view. It doesn’t have the courtesy of a news outlet to even mention in passing that the whole hypothesis of Global Warming is disputed, it is no settled science, just play of some computer models.

And so in today’s edition of the Indian Express, we again have one more article promoting the Global Warming?Climate Change fraud.

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