The Left Is Weaponising Its Failures To Invade America & Europe

Central American countries, and latin American countries also, have all seen Leftist insurgencies, Leftist governments elected democratically, Leftist military junta seizing power. Leftists seizing power by whatever means always leads to what infantile, superstitious, True Believers (of whatever colour) seizing power must lead to: destruction of economy.From the time of Marx consummating Leftist idea of a grand collective of economic men in a book, the idea has been debunked as infantile and idiotic by innumerable economists. But as the organised religions have all survived scientific discoveries like the earth being a sphere and not a flat surface, of a solar system with the sun at its centre, and trillions of galaxies with trillions of stars in each, discoveries which falsified their “God-given” books, in the same way, Leftism has survived economic discoveries like Marginal Value Theory and market as the essential, most essential, tool of economic calculations which make the modern economy, that is, the economy bigger than that of a tribal band, possible.But, just as organised religions continue to destroy lives, societies, and countries, so does Leftism. It has ravaged countries, destroyed fully functioning modern economies wherever it has been tried, yet such is its deadly charm that it continues to gather followers everywhere, in every age, and once these followers become numerous enough and seize the power by whatever means, they try it, and result is always same everywhere it is tried: it destroys the economy, impoverishes the population, and destroys the character of the population, making it corrupt and dishonest and thieving.But Capitalism when supplanted by socialism also leaves behind the seed of the destruction of the socialism even as the Leftists seize power. Because of Capitalism, human population of the country grows to a level which only a Capitalist economy can support. Socialism, after all, despite all its pretensions at big words and scientificism, and rationalism, is nothing but a Tribal collective economy, with no private property. And tribal bands never grow in numbers beyond few thousands for a reason- a collective economy can support only these many numbers. Therefore, as the socialism leads to the collapse of economy, as it must always lead by the inexorable laws of economics and mathematics, the population is left hungry. And it is also an inviolable law of human existence that no dictators, no religious gang, no rational gang; can hold in control a hungry population. So they do what every disease causing virus does to survive after it has devoured its current host- it must find another healthy body.And that is what the Leftists (and religious gangs) are doing in Central and Latin America, and in North Africa and Middle East, and Eastern Europe, they are driving their hungry populations to migrate into the US and Europe. Every few months Caravans of the wretched created by socialism are formed and directed towards America, and “refugees” are driven into Europe. Leftists have suddenly become “People Without Borders” though in the countries in which they are in power they still strictly enforce borders, even against those trying to get out. But they want no borders around the free Capitalist countries of the West.And the Capitalist countries now have enough infantile Leftist citizens of their own who want to open the gates from within. The losers who hate achievers of their own countries, who blame Capitalism for the destruction wreaked by the Trade Unions which were given the Right to Violence by the stupid politicians and the ruling elite, and impairment of free markets caused by the labour laws and bureaucratic regulation of business. Therefore, even in the US we hear talks of insane levels of taxes and offerings to the False God of Global Warming; all designed to destroy Capitalism. The control of education and popular culture by the Left in the Capitalist countries has created enough infantile politicians and citizens that the catastrophe may indeed strike. The Left may overrun the Capitalist West using the army of the hungry created by the failure of socialism and the fifth column created by it in the Capitalist countries. If that happens, unimaginable destruction and cataclysm will be the result.Sane and adult human beings in the Capitalist countries need to wake up and resist these power hungry infantiles, the Leftists, before it is too late. All the destruction the world has seen so far since the historic time began has always resulted because the adults were indulgent to the infantile losers.