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The Plant In The Jungle: To Industrialise or Not To Industrialise?

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Went to the interior, deep in the jungle, for official work.
To the plant which is always under attack by the Leftist gang. About which Liar-in-Chief, the fake novelist writes long cover stories.
1. Villages were full of tractor-trailers and motorcycles. Tractors not for farming. There was hardly any farming. It was a hilly terrain. All the tractors were used for various jobs in the plant. Plant goes, so will go the tractors. Life will be back to thousand year old pattern of near starvation.
2. The guest house was full of fresh Graduate Trainee Engineers. GTEs, they called them. All were locals. Not from the nearby villages, but from the state where the plant is. No plant, all will have to compete with folks from the states two generations ahead, in the big bad metros. Many were girls. Fleeing dowry. Ending up deep in the jungle. Because social justice messiahs have made sure that India doesn’t industrialise. So you go where the jobs are. Even deep in the jungle. Will they appreciate that the guy being demonised in the media has given them jobs at least in their own state? Or they also think him as the exploiter?
3. Sky was clear blue. The kind you see in Europe and America. Air was clear, fresh. Though we were next to the big bad plant. Milords should relocate here. They won’t then bother Delhi daily. But they will instead shut down the plant here, and all the workers and GTEs will be forced to migrate to Delhi, making it more crowded, making it impossible for the air to clean itself. Environment has self-cleansing power, till it is overwhelmed by the load of pollution. Like Delhi has been. Because plants in the hinterland were shut down- by union mafia, by politicians, by Leftist gang out to kill our industrialisation.
4. Plans were to expand plant to triple its present capacity. Have been scaled down to double. “Land acquisition is not possible,” they tell me. And I wish I had a machine gun to shoot the entire lootian mafia. Land can not be acquired here??! Where it is just lying useless like that? I knew. I remembered the thugs have passed a new Act. Then I also remembered that I do not support violence.
5. Plant was full of life. People were on the move. Going to work. Coming back. Right inside the gate was a temple. I felt reassured. Outside the gate were shops, taxis, autos, all manned by local villagers. Plant goes, all will go back to starvation. Or will move to slums in Delhi. All group C and D staff from the nearby towns and villages.
6. Two hours after the nightfall, we started for the station. Main road had traffic, inspite of the Red Terror. And safe also. Women were moving freely in every village we crossed. A procession was chanting Hare Ram Hare Krishna. So there is still hope. Leftist gang is not as powerful as media makes it. Or it makes itself. Because, after all, it is media also.
7. So, what was the take away? Did the plant brought life to the jungle, or destroyed the serenity? We will never know. Because we will never know whether the local talking to us is rice-baggy, or genuine. We will never know whether they wanted the plant or not. Plant may indeed shutdown. Leftist gang has already made mining and land acquisition impossible.
8. May be they wanted to be left alone like Sentinelese, as the fake novelist claims. As lootian mafia claims. But then Sentinelese have also never demanded free rice, free food, free school, mid-day meal, free housing, free healthcare. They do not even want vote, to elect those who promise free stuff. And they do not allow soul-vultures to come close.
Leftist mafia claims that the people in the villages around the plant need all of the above free stuff, but plant must not be there. How the two are possible simultaneously they never tell us.
9. As I boarded the train, I wondered how easily the reality can be faked. The news consumers actually believe that bulldozers are actually crushing the villagers and their homes in that jungle. And here, in reality, villagers drive the bulldozers, and make better homes with the resulting earnings.
Again I felt a strong desire to have a machine gun. Then told myself that violence never solves any problem. And unpacked my dinner. It was beautiful packed, unlike the city take-aways, and very tasty. In my mind I thanked the boys in the kitchen of the guest house. I had talked to them. They were from nearby villages.

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