The Republic of Fake Degrees

1400 Bihar teachers have run away because of drive to verify degrees in Bihar. So even with all that copying and paper leaking, folks need fake degrees.
And it is raining fake degrees in Delhi assembly. Folks were so sure of corruption in the Indian society that they even joined so called “fight against corruption,” secure in the knowledge that this corrupt system would never wake up to their own fake degrees.

In 1947, India was a fully functional, working country. Air India was private, HAL was private, all banks were private, most of the factories of consequence were private. There was hardly anything that was not manufactured in India, and that too in private sector.

Enter that self-confessed hater of profit: Nehru. He was in love with the fraud called socialism. So he strangulated growth of private sector. Indira Gandhi came and started nationalising everything in sight. She was through with destruction of private sector by ’70s.

With full blown socialism, came full blown corruption, the first and inevitable consequence of socialism. And corrosion of moral values in Indian society started in right earnest.

Nothing can police a society that stops policing itself. As a people, we Indians have lost all sense of right and wrong. And responsible is the Nehru-Gandhi family that inflicted socialism on India, and continues to push ever more of it, because it brings them unlimited power, and untold riches. A whole mob of bootlickers has assembled around them, immensely benefiting from the system they have put in place, and at the same time protecting them with their lives.

We are now in league with Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Argentina, and South Africa; once rich, functional countries ravaged by the Leftists.

(To know about the full rot in Indian education system, read the article on the state of Indian Education by Anang Pal Malik  by clicking here.-Ed)