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The Victimhood Industry Of The Leftists Has Killed An Aspiring Research Scholar

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“The whole strategy of the Leftists can be described in one sentence:’Shout out loud, and carry a little victim.'”-Ann Coulter

Thomas Sowell, the economist and conservative social commentator of the US, says that as more and more government programmes to help the Blacks in the US have been launched over last 70 years, all the social indicators of the Black community in the US have deteriorated. And more the number of programmes, more rapid was the deterioration. White on Black violence, or cop on Black violence, makes headlines, but according to the statistics, Black on Black violence is more to many degrees, and is ravaging the Black community more thoroughly than segregation ever did, evil as the segregation was. Now, over 70% Black children are born to single mothers. Raised in single parent homes, they get ensnared by the gang culture of inner city America.

Thomas Sowell blames the Leftists of the US for the ravaging of the family in the Black community. And he is not off the mark.

Social interaction is made possible by a sense of belonging in the same community, and by a belief that fellow human beings are nice, well meaning people who are going about their own business, and interactions are for the mutual benefit of the parties interacting, with mutual consent.

It is true that in the past, in all countries and in all societies, one or another group dominated some other group distinguished from the former by skin colour or ethnicity or race or language or religion or sect(and Caste, in case of India), exploited the other, and even institutionalized through law, the superior position of one group over another. This also created a sense of entitlement among people in the dominant groups, and a sense of inadequacy in the dominated group. In quite a few cases, the dominated groups were excluded from many professions, and this has led to distinct cultural differences even among the people living in the same villages, towns, and cities. The cultural differences mean that some groups are better positioned to take advantage of advances in knowledge: scientific, economic, and industrial. This leads to differences in economic outcomes for the whole groups. Since economically better off are able to better raise and educate their children, the differences continue to persist.

But in almost all countries of the world, last hundred years have seen governments abolishing all group privileges and removing group restraints on movements, intermixing, taking up various professions, etc.

In most of the countries where such glaring injustices were practiced in the past, programmes have been instituted to assist the groups pushed to inferior positions in the past to bridge the cultural gap faster and be able to compete better in the highly competitive society of today.

And so in India, we have reservations in educational institutions and government jobs for the Castes which were prevented in the past from participating in the economy through the professions of their choices. This is helping members of such Castes to break the mental shackles and take to education and modern jobs. Since cultural transformations take long to occur, the over all change in the professional profile of such Castes has been far from ideal.

Enter the Leftists. Forever in search of victims, whom they can use to prove that the present system is not just and fair, and therefore needs to be overthrown so that the Leftists themselves can take over and usher the utopia, the heaven on earth, in which we all would be equal economically, employed, well fed, well housed, with full medical care, without having to pay for any of these good things of life; they have zeroed in on the groups that have faced discrimination in the past. Dalits, being the traditionally most disadvantaged group in India, are the favourite of the Leftists for use in their victimhood theology. And therefore, the Leftists have created student and employee organisations for the Dalits, that are constantly instigated to search for instances of victimisation, so that their sense of victimhood is continually reinforced. They are also convinced to raise demands which the Leftists know are impossible to fulfil, and the rejection of those demands is used as a proof that the discrimination of old is still persisting.

The members of such organisations are isolated from rest of the society, by making them hate their own religion, their own country, and rest of the members of the society, who are classified as enemies. Care is taken to make sure that the members do not participate in festivals and events which would bring members of the “oppressed” group and “oppressor” group together. Incidents which reinforce the victimhood paranoia are played up disproportionately, and incidents which go against the narrative are pushed down the Memoryhole quickly.

Once a person has come to think of himself a victim because of any permanent marker he can not get rid of, normal life for him becomes all but impossible. Every incident that validates his victimhood status looks magnified to him, and soon even the normal incidents which are unavoidable part of human living, start looking victimisation to him. Healthy interaction with fellow human beings on mutually beneficial terms becomes all but impossible. When the victimhood is a group phenomenon, society splinters into antagonistic groups out to avenge slights and injustices, of the past and the present, the real and the imagined. It no longer remains what a society should be: collection of human beings bound together by shared cultural ties, ties reinforced by shared language, or religion, or ethnicity, or race, or nationhood, or combinations of these, or all of these, societies in which human beings raise families, and earn living, and in earning the living, contribute to the well being of the society. Societies in which families teach their children to be nice to all fellow human beings, because all fellow human beings are nice people going about their own business.

This brings us to the tragic suicide by Rohith Vemula a student of the Hyderabad Central University. His journey from a student who joined a prestigious university and took pride in his religion, his country, and his people; to a student leader who was forever agitating, and hated his religion, his society, his country, and its people; is an instructive tale of how the Left destroys lives by using individuals as pawns in its victimhood games which it plays to capture power. It is evident that Rohith finally perceived the hollowness of the whole victimhood narrative, could see that it was not a reality, that he was made to lead a fake life of rampaging oppression in an imagined world full of enemies out to get him.

Much is being made of disciplinary action against him. But fights among students in our colleges and universities are common, and without disciplinary actions like expulsion from the hostel, or from the college/university itself, our college/universities would soon be reduced to killing fields like the inner cities of America. It is a fact that college authorities are not always just and fair, but to take care of that, courts, media, and political leadership are available.

So, the Left, using its hold on media, may make his tragic death into just another evidence of oppression, but in reality, the victimhood industry of the Leftists has killed an aspiring research scholar who had dreams in his eyes, and who did not grow up in a world full of oppressors, otherwise his initial days at university would not be like that of all youngmen-full of plans for the future, love for his religion, and for his country. The Leftists isolated him, used him, and pushed him into loneliness, devoid of any emotional support and companionship.

The Left is no friend of Dalits, or of any oppressed group. It is friend of only power for itself. Great Kanshiram saw the Left’s game most clearly, called them out on their use of Dalits as mere foot soldiers, excluded from leadership position. Ashish Nandy’s famous remark that West Bengal was free of corruption because Dalits and Backwards were not in power there, was not just the smearing of these groups as corrupts, but as an unintended admission that the Leftists in power exclude Dalits and Backwards from the echelons of power, though they capture power only as the champions of these groups.

Of course it is the failure of the Right wing of India that the Leftists are able to split the society into “victim groups” at war with each other, among whom only the Left can keep peace and ensure justice. The game of victimhood started by the Leftists is getting ever more sinister as Breaking India Forces have also set their sights on Dalits, and are aggressively financing Caste Hustlers in our universities and trade unions. And the Leftists themselves are now actively creating another victim group for themselves- the women. Once they reduce women to isolated, paranoid, full of hatred, warriors in the army of the Leftists, it would be the end of Indian family as we know it. The Left needs to be resisted very aggressively, if we hope to survive as a people and as a country. That is also the only way to save youngmen from the clutches of the Left, before it pushes them to the brink.

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