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UP Results For A Dharmic

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By Omendra Ratnu

Much is being said about the recent ‘ Tsunamo ‘ in UP from all quarters .
This is an attempt to decipher UP results from a Dharmic perspective .

FIRST : This should be a watershed election for Dharma where Hindus attempted to break the caste and class barrier to get rid of a government that was overtly Jehad friendly .

Hindu consciousness has found a nucleus and hence a shape , around assertion of Hindu rights to dignity , property and life .

SECOND :By not giving a single ticket to a minority , Sri Amit Shah sent a signal to Hindu electorate and Hindus responded , albeit partially .

This means that for the first time we have a Hindu vote bank .
Arrival of a Hindu vote bank implies that the obsession of politicians with minority appeasement will start dissolving .
Even the non BJP political formations will have to realise that Hindus can not be unilaterally bearing the cross of secularism .

That balance is good news for Bhaaratiya polity .

UP is a big , BIG thumbs up to demonetisation . Bhaaratvarsha is witnessing a silent revolution of a kind . The most ordinary Hindu on the street is more confident and cheerful . Only the richest and the upper middle class are whining .
It is a tribute to the Hindu ‘ mango man ‘ that such a courageous attempt by Namo has been approved overwhelmingly .

Harvardian Elitist Economics has broken the shackles of Lutyen’s drawing rooms and travelled to the robust common sense Economics of the man on the street .

UP win strengthens Namo exponentially . He has been given the power to steer our glorious nation to be the VishwaGuru she rightly deserves to be .
Namo’s strengthening is directly proportional to the weakening of Leftist – Jehadi – Missionary cabal, who amplify non issues and send very wrong signals to the world .

Now BJP has decided that in MCD elections , not a single ticket will be given to the incumbents .
More such decisions are expected to cleanse the rut and stink of the political system .

UP means Dalit integration into Hindu mainstream .
The biggest fault line for Dharma today is this caste divide which gives huge opportunity to the ‘ breaking Bhaarat ‘ forces .

The only solution is to completely decimate the vertical caste system and integrate with Dalit Sahodaras whole heartedly .

Dalit leaders need to be groomed to lead the Dharmic resurgence from the front .
UP results give us an opportunity to work towards Dalit integration .
This vote should not be erroneously interpreted as upper caste or OBC consolidation .
Instead , it should be seen as what it is : a Hindu consolidation against the violence and mayhem unleashed by Jehadi elements as the state looked away .


The MSM is well and truly irrelevant and Internet Hindus can shape the narrative .
Shameless and spineless as they are , MSM tried to demonstrate Akhilesh as a development icon .

The Internet Hindus kept working incessantly to keep coming up with counter narratives and stuck to right facts and figures .

The pseudo development icon had to bite dust as the voters turned to the real development man Namo .
Like the squirrel who worked laboriously to contribute to Ram Setu in Ram Raawan Sangraam , Internet Hindus have worked silently with their limited reach to the masses .
But it worked . It will only go North from here .
As MSM gets more vengeful of the Right , Internet Hindus have to expand the scope of their reach .

Something about the vote percentages and pattern of voting in UP .

The vote share of the BSP has increased from 2014, and of SP has marginally declined .

Then how did BJP win ? BJP won on increased voting percentage .
The rise in voting percentage has solely gone to BJP .
It is amply clear that on the day of election , if Hindus come out to vote , they will dictate the outcome .
All Dharmics need to work aggressively on this .
This is a long term project that will require grooming of the Hindu voter and Dharmic workers have to keep at it all the year round .


Though Early days to predict this , but UP could be the beginning of the great Hindu consciousness taking a shape and life of it’s own .
What the Mahayogi Sri Aurobindo used to refer to as ‘ Bhaarat Shakti ‘ .

A National consciousness created around Spiritual practise of ‘ Integral Yoga ‘ and Dharmic values of freedom and justice .

A Dharmic core spreading it’s tentacles in every sphere of the national life .

From Re establishment of Bhautik ( worldly ) principles of Honesty and service , to the Daivik ( divine ) principles of Spirituality and Nishkaam Karma .

It is upon us to elevate a political win to the level of a social revolution where we integrate our poorer brothers into the mainstream and attempt to create a Ram Rajya .

It is upto us to raise the discourse from mundane physical to the sublime metaphysical and recapture the lost soul of Bhaaratvarsha .

As Sardar Hukum Singh , former governor of Rajasthan once spoke to a gathering of Akalis ” Singh Sahebaan , Dharm nu itna Na girao Ki raajneeti ban jaye , balki Raajneeti nu itna utha Devo ki Dharm ban jaaye ” .

Let us not degrade Dharma such that it becomes politics . Let us refine our politics such that it becomes our Dharma .

Are we upto it ?

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