We Are Doomed: India’s Chief Economic Advisor Is A Believer In Global Warming/Climate Change Fraud

With the change in government at the Centre, nothing seems to have changed. And now we know the reasons. The persons in positions of powers in the new government also believe in all the Leftist frauds which were the guiding principles of the previous government of UPA.

We thought with the exit of Jairam Ramesh, the worship of the fraud called Global Warming/Climate Change will stop. But it didn’t, and today’s article in the Indian Express by the Chief Economic Advisor of the government, Arvind Subramanian, reveals why it couldn’t have. It is shocking to discover that a key official of the Indian Government is a firm believer in the Global Warming/Climate Change fraud. His article shows the current attitude of Official India towards the Global Warming/Climate Change fraud. It means that India’s ruling class is completely unaware that in the West, this fraud has been totally exposed to be what it is, a fraud, and most governments are quietly distancing themselves from it. In fact, had the Leftist Obama, and therefore a promoter of this Leftist fraud, not been in power in the White House, the Paris summit might not have even been held.

He even lauds the actions of various courts and Tribunals which have stalled most projects in India. If that is his level of understanding of economic activities, it is unclear what advice he renders to the government.

Modi government needs to update itself about this whole Climate Change circus, and should not even attend the Paris summit, and instead should send a terse message: we are not in the business of worshiping the Leftist-Fraud-Of-The-Day.

“Finally, and perhaps most encouraging from a medium-term perspective, pollution-related issues are becoming part of the domestic discourse and potentially a staple of the politics of outrage. The series on air pollution carried by this newspaper and the recent launch by the PM of monitoring mechanisms for pollution in a number of cities are significant in this regard. The pressure on governments to respond to this bottom-up pressure is only likely to increase over time. While the issues are local and domestic, there will be positive international spillovers relating to climate change. The time is not far off when carbon taxes to offset the domestic social marginal costs of carbon-related pollution — health, accidents and congestion — can be envisaged, which will have global benefits.

Against this background of solidly green actions, how should India approach Paris? For a start, India, especially with a new PM, can credibly repudiate its past perceived image as a recalcitrant negotiator, focused on asking others to contribute without offering contributions of its own. India’s green actions should be the starting point and the basis for what India could be willing to offer in Paris and what it must seek of advanced countries.” (from the article)

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