Western Civilisation And The Barbarians At The Gates

A man sets up a factory, advertises jobs, people on their free will agree to do the work in the predetermined time at the predetermined wages.

Law comes into picture only if the owner then refuses to pay (breach of contract) or holds workers against their will (taking hostage).

What if the workers say that the owner must pay them so and so wages, and if he doesn’t pay they won’t work? Fair enough, they are free born human beings, they have all the right to demand price of their effort they deem fit.
But what if they say that they want these wages, and if not given, not only they won’t work, but will also not allow anybody else to work in that factory?

What should law do? Law should remove them from the factory or its gate, wherever they are. It is gangsterism, not worker rights.

But law doesn’t do anything. Law has been convinced that the workers are lower down on the power ladder, and therefore are entitled to use of violence.

And so the factory dies. Factories in all the democratic countries are dying because of this abdication by law, and are being reborn in China. Yes, manufacturing going to China is the result of workers writing for themselves fantastic entitlements: wages they wanted, pensions, health insurance, and what not, using their right to violence secured for them by the Leftists. And so between 3 to 10% of world population will die.

Corona is a pandemic. There is little any government can do. But medicine has improved a lot. Had the world not been so intricately linked to China, its spread could have been manageable. Slow spread would have meant that hospitals could have faced it better. Now they can’t. And so between 3 to 10% of world population will get killed again. And nobody would know that Leftists killed them.

With factories gone to China, Leftists have moved to general population. Now they have convinced the western governments that if a person is aggrieved, if he feels victim, if he belongs to a victim class (so defined by the Leftists), he has a right to violence, not to be resisted by police, not to be penalised. And so, the “aggrieved, the victims, the oppressed” now routinely burn western cities.

Violence is an antidote to Civilisation. Civilisation appeared when men agreed not to use violence to resolve their disputes but to refer them to courts. Dumb western leaders do not know that the way license to violence of Trade Unions killed their factories, so the right of violence of various “victim groups” of the Left will kill their Civilisation. Factories could move to China. The leaders will not have that luxury. Mobs will eventually come for them. And police will just stand down, as taught by them.