While India Is Being Paralysed, China Soars



China is laying a line From China to Gwadar all through Pakistan.

If only Rahul Gandhi could go and block the Land acquisition for this…

If only our National Green Tribunal could ban this….

If only a PIL in our Supreme Court could stall it…..

China’s investment in Pakistan is a game changer. It will immensely increase Pakistan’s capacity to harm us. China will get a short cut for its exports to the rich Gulf region, and an alternate route to bypass its traditional shipping lines if things become hot in the Pacific.

The line is an example of what is possible if leaders with patriotism are ruling a country. Chinese leaders do whatever is good for China. Indian leaders do what is good for them to win next elections.

And whatever escapes politicians’ attention in India, we have created alternate power centres, unelected, unaccountable. The Tribunals, the PILs, The Commissions.

To kill infrastructure development, and economy in general, we have most foolish environmental and forest laws.

The country can not survive this paralysis in its economy for long.