Whither Delhi ??

Corruption is the first and inevitable result of Socialism, as detailed in the book by Anang Pal Malik (The book can be free downloaded at http://thenationoftenrivers.com/book-launch/).

Therefore it was sad to see that Delhites gave 28 seats last time to the Leftists who used a sincere and innocent man from the hinterland to blackmail the then government, and thus to catch the imagination of the country reeling under scams of the last regime.

It is natural that now the posters of the party carry only the photograph of the Dear Leader, so much for no-politics-of-personality plank, and promises of the freebies. Jan Lokpal, the demigod that was to deliver us from corruption has totally disappeared from the posters.

Delhi is the hub of NGOs. Most nurtured by the last government of the Leftists. It houses two big Universities and many other educational institutions. Students grow up with the notion that “some one else provides for everything.” They have not yet learned what it means to earn one’s own living. And they are also fascinated by revolutions which lead to overthrow of the corrupt regimes. But in all cases after students have overthrown the regime and gone home, the organised tyrants take over the power, and run even more corrupt regime.

This cocktail of NGO and student revolutionaries gave the latest Leftist bunch its 28 seats. I hope this time adults will take control, and send these NGO heads where they belong- to NGO offices.

And if they still have any doubts, they are advised to visit Kerala and West Bengal, and see first hand what the honest Leftists do to a place.