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Who Exactly Is That Leftist

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Q. Who are the two most important persons in our lives? Most benevolent, our best well wishers?
A. Doctor and Capitalist.
And both are under brutal attack by the Leftist thugs.
Before doctors came on to the scene, average child births per women in all societies varied between 6 to 12. Barely two-three survived. Now, in most modern societies births per women are one or two. Reason? Reason is that parents are sure that the child(ren) will survive. And who gave the parents this certainty? Doctors.
Doctors keep us alive, they keep us safe, they make us well when we fall sick, and they put us back together again when we are taken to them torn.
Most intelligent and the hardworking opt for medicine. Then they slog. They slog upto 12 years. Medical education is the most demanding.
And then along comes some thuggish jholawala Leftist thug and starts abusing the doctor, and we start clapping along. The Leftist thug who was never fit to even enter the gates of medical college, who can only destroy lives, demands to control the doctor, and like we fall for all the tricks Leftist comes with, we are falling for this also. The Leftists thugs actually ended up making healthcare too costly in America, and have now set their sights elsewhere.
Similar is the tale of the Capitalist.
Before the Capitalist came on the scene, you were either born to landlord, or were condemned to a life of utter poverty, hunger, near or actual slavery, close to primitive existence. The only employment was to join as a mercenary this or that army and then pray that you end up on the winning side and get to loot.
Capitalist changed all this. Now you can be born in a hut and become richer than any king ever was without killing anybody or overthrowing some king. You live in glittering metros, and don’t know what weather is. Light, water, wind, temperature, you have all under your finger. Without the ability to distinguish between wheat and grass, you can have the best food all your life delivered to you right on your table. And all of the above not for a select few but in almost all developed countries, for upto 90% of the population. For example, 95% of the “poor” in America will not qualify as poor in any other country of the world. And the Capitalist just keeps on giving. For example, during the childhood of those of us who are on the wrong side of 40s, camera and music players were luxuries for the rich. Now both are in the pocket of all the poor (in the phone).
And yet the Leftist thug abuses him day and night, encourages us to loot and kill him, and often we actually do.
Leftist is just the personification of our collective stupidity, our collective death wish, our mass greed, our sickening jealousy.
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Educated Indians fall for every fraud that comes out of the west. In the awe of the Colonials, everything...
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