Why even the worst kind of religious, political, and economic systems continue to flourish

Those who come to benefit from a system, howsoever wrong, iniquitous, and destructive it may be; try to make sure that it continues. And since such people also control levers of power, they more often than not succeed. So, though on the face of it, it would look that industrialists would be the best proponents of the free markets, but because they are industrialists in a controlled economy, and therefore have learnt to play the system, they make sure through control of the political parties, media, and academia that the regulations stay in place.  Because they know how to bypass the regulations, newcomer won’t. And free markets would mean competition.Bureaucrats and politicians also play along, because they enjoy the power the regulations bestow on them. Power which is enjoyed for its own sake, and also to extract bribes. For example, India’s rent control law. This most destructive law, direct attack on the private property rights, the cause of housing shortage, cause of poor investor confidence in real estate, patently unconstitutional law stays in place because those who are its beneficiary control the media, political parties, and the narrative.

Clergy and ruling class also collude for the same reason-to prop each other to benefit from the power that a combination of religion and State grants both.

Man is not a moral animal. Morality is a learned behaviour, not genetic. And morality is the first causality if man smells advantage for himself in a wrong.