Why The Left Hates Citizen IDs?

In an article in the Indian Express of date, Jean Dreze, a leading Left economist, repeats what almost all the Leftists always insist, that citizens should not be asked to identify themselves while receiving State doles, or at the time of voting, or in fact at no time.

According to them, compulsory Aadhar violates privacy. And may also be misused in myriad other ways.

This is from the Leftists who say Private property is evil, who say government owns you, who say no limits can be placed on government power.

He also writes that this endangers democracy because it increases government power. This comes from the man who all the time advocates programmes that would increase government power and its size to sky.


Leftists have this problem. They are not able to see the results of the policies they advocate. He is opposing Aadhar fearing consequences which always result from any other Leftists programmes also.

In reality the Left opposes Aadhar or any other identification of the citizens because with Aadhar:

1.  Milking of Welfare schemes will become impossible.

2. It would become readily apparent that with the money already spent on various Welfare Schemes, it would be possible to feed every Indian citizen for free, eliminating hunger from India. The Left wants Welfare Programmes, not Welfare. It wants programmes to eliminate hunger, not elimination of hunger.

3. Voter frauds, fraudulent voting, multiple voting would become impossible.

4. The illegal influx of aliens in India would get controlled.

5. And it would be possible to track how the Left intelligentsia is living off the State it is trying to collapse. Aadhar may track their employment with various think tanks and money they receive from so many sources they never reveal. The Leftists are terrified that their bank accounts will get linked to Aadhar.


Read his article here.