Why The Radical-in-Chief Wants To Give Iran The Bomb

The only way to keep peace in the world is for democracies to remain overwhelmingly strong. And they do not have to be not only strong, but their leaders have to behave like strong leaders do. Whenever democracies have tried to appease the dictators, death and destruction have ensued, on industrial scale.

It is inexplicable as to why Obama is so keen to give Iran its nuclear programme. If the US can not simply command Iran to stop its nuclear programme now, how would it keep Iran in check once Iran has the bomb also?

And this is when we have the example of Pakistan. It was rogue before the bomb, but with bomb it has become a rogue that has always to be kept in good humour and well funded. It has literally become world’s responsibility to keep Pakistan afloat.

Two great thinkers and writers of our time discuss Obama’s obsession to give Iran its nuclear programme.


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