World Hindu Congress: A Report

Over at OPINDIA, Dr Omendra Ratnu has a report on World Hindu Congress recently held in Chicago:

“After attending the first World Hindu Conference in 2014, Hindus all over the world were looking forward to the World Hindu Congress, 2018 (WHC) with a lot of expectations. And, the event, which took place in Chicago, USA on September 7-8-9, was a mega success with 2,500 Hindu delegates from 60 countries across the globe attending it.

Seven different sections were covered under media, organisation, youth, education, women, economics and politics; and each saw exemplary speakers speaking on their work in the respective fields and reaching out to fellow Hindus to align and grow with them.

The sessions saw Shefali Vaidya devising new acronyms with every sentence spoken, Makarand Paranjape’s hilarious one-liners, the young VP of Surinam charming the crowd, Maharshi like Sri Vamdev Shastri speaking on the need to re-elect Modi in 2019 and Rajiv Malhotra reaching out to young Hindus for aligning with him for scholarly work.

Whether it was the RSS pracharaks from all over Bharat and North America roaming about nonchalantly and talking in Hindi with their sweet Marathi and South Indian accents, or a Brazilian Sadhu ParamAdvaita ji incessantly singing praises for Sanatana Dharma, or the African delegation from Ghana wielding Tilaks and proudly displaying Dharma on themselves, the WHC Chicago was a sort of a modern Kumbh Mela of Hindus from around the world.

Here are some of the takeaways and suggestions from the delegates which are worthy of documenting:

  1. WHC has become a platform of humongous proportions for global Hindus to connect with each other. That collective Hindu consciousness is the only missing link between Hindus and a global resurgence of Hinduism. Hindus have done some brilliant work as individuals and have achieved a lot. But if these trickles of Hindu power were to unite with each other with clear-cut agenda and purpose, within no time Hinduism will become a Tsunami to arrive on the global stage. WHC definitely opened those gates for Hindus to coalesce.
  2. Some brilliant academic work being done by Hindu scholars still evades the ordinary Hindus which leads to our defensive posture in the clash of narratives with Leftist Chrislamic groups. WHC educated fellow Hindus to the academic works of brilliant Hindus like Rajiv Malhotra, Koenrad Elst, and David Frawley (Vamdev Shastri) to be understood and carried forward in an organised and emphatic manner.”

    Read the whole report here.