A Great Take Down Of Global Warming/Climate Change Fraud

As Paris summit on “Climate Change” is approaching, all the Leftists of the world are ratcheting up scaremongering on their current favourite fraud called Climate Change (renamed from Global Warming). It speaks volumes about the mediocrity of Indian ruling that it has fallen for this fraud without a single voice of dissent. There is total unanimity among Indian politicians, bureaucrats, academicians, scientists, and journalists that the fraud is for real, and India must take lead in committing economic suicide to keep the world from boiling over.

The only place where the fraudsters are facing real resistance is the good old USA. Americans are great people in that they question everything with the mind of a skeptic.

And so, in the frontpagemag.com, we have a great take down of the fraud, written by Howard Hyde.

“Very well then, let the IPCC climatologists act on that superior knowledge and reap the benefit as Biff Tannen did. After all, what are we talking about when we say Climate Change or Global Warming? We’re talking about the future. And what happens to the one who knows the future? He or she wins every bet and gets rich. If the IPCC scientists and Al Gore & Assocs LLP were honest, they would stop wasting resources on lobbying and just get on with it. They know the future, so they can bet on it, pocket their winnings, and make the rest of us do as they please, not by force but through voluntary incentives.

The IPCC climatologists are the ultimate insider traders, hiding in plain sight; all they have to do is leverage their presumed superior knowledge into perfectly legal and ethical voluntary market transactions facilitated by the capitalist system. Buy the undervalued assets, sell the overvalued ones. Sell Malibu beach front property and buy all of the available adjacent land at 10 to 100 feet higher elevation. Amplify winnings through leverage: short the overvalued, borrow cheap to buy the undervalued. Buy the most valuable commodities from where they will be abundant and reap the higher prices caused by shortages elsewhere. A billion here, a trillion there, and pretty soon you’re talking about real money. In short order, the Ones Who Know will be richer than the Forbes 400 combined, easily accumulating the 1% to 10% of GDP that they say it will cost to forestall environmental disaster.

Some readers may take this for satire. But if this is not realistic, the jokesters are the climate change alarmists themselves. Listen again to their conceit: THEY KNOW! The debate is over. The science is settled. They are infallible. The computer models are irrefutable. Anyone who disagrees with them is not just wrong, but as evil as a person who denies that the murder of six million Jews during the World War II Holocaust ever took place. And to prove that all true scientists agree, they’ll defund, terminate and assassinate the reputation of anyone with or without a PhD who differs. Seriously?

Never mind the repeated failure of the computer models to predict what actually happened for the past 17 years. Suspend your disbelief that a system far more complex than the stock market, with a thousand variables from solar cycles to volcanoes and from deep ocean currents to earthquakes to variations in the Earth’s orbit to water vapor, can be reduced to just one overarching evil, carbon dioxide, previously thought to be the greatest boon to green plants. Forget that the Earth has been warming and cooling, warming and cooling in cycles measured from decades to millennia ever since the planet first cooled some forty million centuries ago. Perish the thought that Greenland could be Green again as it was 1,000 years ago, to the great benefit of the farmers and grazing cows there. Disregard the insecurity belied by the very weasel words ‘Climate Change’ (is it warming, or isn’t it? or is it an oncoming ice age, as the consensus of all respectable scientists thought during the 1970s, just because that was in fact the trend-line at the time?). Pay no attention to the utterly anti-scientific phrases like ‘consensus’ and ‘authority’ with which they bully any dissenters (what significant advance of science was ever made by those means?). Turn a blind eye to the leaked emails from the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia exposing the extreme bias against dissenting scientists, and allegations of falsified readings of primary data by the U.S. government’s Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN). And above all, trust their impartiality, their utter lack of political bias. The fact that all the solutions proposed amount to restricting freedom and emasculating capitalism are necessary strictly from a scientific basis having nothing to do with anticapitalist ideology.” (from the article)

Read the article in full here.