A Nobel Physics Laureate Speaks Truth On The Fraud Called Global Warming/Climate Change

The Global Warming/Climate Change fraudsters have created an environment of fear in which any scientist who dares to speak facts against the fraud called Global Warming/Climate Change, sees his career destroyed, his papers refused publication, his job disappear, his reputation destroyed, his research grants withdrawn.

Few men are in a position to endanger their own livelihood. Therefore, the fraudsters are happily claiming a consensus among the scientists. (Of course we must note that science doesn’t work on opinion polls, and scientists do not decide matters as per consensus.) But now some courageous scientists are speaking truth to this cabal that is acting more like politicians than like scientists.

In an Americanthinker blog, Howard Richman reports how 1973 Physics Nobel laureate, Ivar Giaever, has spoken truth to this cabal:

“To my surprise both “alarmist” and “deniers” (I guess that I’m quoted as a “denier”) measure the average temperature for the whole earth for a whole year to a fraction of a degree, and that the result is significant. Of course it’s not!

How can you possibly measure the average temperature for the whole earth and for the whole year and come up with a fraction of a degree? So, I have this cry here. I think the average temperature of the earth is equal to the Emperor’s New Clothes. There was a boy who said, you know, who cried at might, “The Emperor has no clothes on,” and I would cry out and say, “You can’t measure the temperature for the whole earth with such accuracy!”(from the blog post.)

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