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A So Called Right Wing Party (BJP) Is Promoting Leftist Fraud Called Climate Change

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In matters economic, BJP is just a B team of the CPM. It agrees with the Left on everything, even on the fraud called Global Warming/Climate Change. Except that it wants that the colour of flag should be saffron, instead of red.

And so, the two Union Ministers are repeating all the lies of the Global Warming fraudsters, and will most likely continue to fund the “green energy” boondoggles, and will continue to enact measures to strangulate Indian industry. Mt Javadekar in fact has picked up the lingo of the UPA, and wants to enact a law to make clean air a fundamental Right!

Mr Minister, we already have laws on emissions. Just enforce them. And as for Delhi pollution, it is because Delhi has too much of a green cover for a city, and therefore trees trap the air, instead of allowing its free flow through the city. It also has huge unpaved areas, throwing up dust in the air continuously, which shows up as the particulate matter in the air. In the West of Delhi, there is a huge desert stretching right up to the international border and beyond. That results into sand laden winds blowing into the city. Take water to the desert through water works like canals, ponds, etc., For tree cover within the city, have separate areas for trees, and reduce number of the trees by the road sides.

The two ministers were speaking at the annual Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS), organized by the TERI. The summit will only demand faster economic suicide by India, in the service of the fraud called Global Warming. And with an ignorant government at the Centre, the demand is more than likely to be met.


“NEW DELHI: A day after Delhi High Court expressed its anguish over Delhi’s dirty air, Union environment minister Prakash Javadekar on Thursday admitted that the government needs to work for making air clean and said, “Clean air must be a birthright for all and that’s the way India wants to walk”.

Though the minister’s remark was in the context of global carbon emissions that led to climate change, he picked up the point at the time when many countries look at India to take lead in low carbon growth path.

Jointly inaugurating the annual Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS) with French foreign minister Laurent Fabius, India railway minister Suresh Prabhu and Hollywood actor and ex-governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, Javadekar said, “We have the responsibility to improve the lives of the future generations. We have already taken the clean energy path and enhanced our renewable energy commitments”.

All the participants at the Summit made a strong pitch for environmental protection by adopting renewable energy and sustainable development path.

Arguing for low carbon growth path, Prabhu said, “Climate change is a scientific reality. If we delay action, the repercussions will be disastrous. We need to find a unified solution to tackle climate change innovatively. We need to create a new economy which tackles climate change and creates jobs”.

The DSDS, organized by TERI, this year is significant as it is happening when the nations are gearing up for a global climate deal in Paris in December. A number of experts from across the globe are participating in Summit.” (from the article)

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Educated Indians fall for every fraud that comes out of the west. In the awe of the Colonials, everything...
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