AAP Is Spending Future Of Delhi To Pay For The Votes It Purchased With Promise Of Subsidy

AAP has curtailed allocation against infrastructure Plan head to pay for its subsidy bill, and to meet the expenditure on sine cures for its MLAs.

That means, infrastructure will collapse at some future date, as it would be inadequate to meet the increasing load.

The news item also mentions that Revenue of Delhi government has declined. That means business environment in Delhi has deteriorated and business activities have declined.

But by the time Delhites realize that socialism doesn’t work, it will be too late for them. And in fact their children will pay the price of their follies.


“The budgetary allocation under the planned head has been reduced by Rs 1,350 crore for the fiscal year 2015-16.

A Delhi government official said it is the fund under the planned outlay which is used for executing the infrastructure projects and other government schemes.

At the same time, the allocation under non-planned head has been increased by Rs 2,500 crore. This means that there will be an increase in expenditure for establishments like the newly-formed Delhi Dialogue Commission and office expenses of the new posts created for the MLAs and volunteers of AAP.

This also includes the appointment of 21 MLAs as parliamentary secretaries to the Cabinet ministers of the Delhi government.

Presenting the vote-on-account for the first three months of the fiscal year 2015- 16, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Tuesday said nearly 40 per cent of the planned Budget for the current financial year remained unutilised.

Further, the revenue collection of the government too declined during the fiscal, which prompted the government to reduce the planned outlay for the next year.” (from the news item.)

Read the news item here.