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Argentina: The Future Of Socialism

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Argentina has one of the largest sized arable land in the world.

It has fourth largest fracking oil reserve in the world.

It has second largest shale gas reserve in the world.

In 1945, it was the richest country in the world-richer than America.

And no, its land has not been acquired and given away to Industrialists.

Its oil reserves have not been privatized.

The only thing that has hit it is Socialism.

Argentina is the best example to refute Indian Left’s lies about land acquisition and privatization of “natural resources.”

” In 2013, Argentina had food riots. One of the greatest food exporters on the planet… and Argentina had food riots?!

Of course, the government is partly to blame.

The people of Argentina deserve better than [President] Kirchner. Argentinians are, by and large, extremely friendly and capable people, yet they have suffered under the most absurd dictatorial rulers for at least a generation, possibly longer. — Natural News

Possibly longer?! Argentine governments have corrupt since the beginning. Juan Perón financed the crackpot schemes of a charlatan, Ronald Richter, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars — at a time when that was real money. So shady was Richter that, to this day, no one is sure if he came from Germany or Austria, or if he earned a PhD or not. Richter claimed to have invented what we would today call cold fusion. No one down there is sure what happened.

Juan Perón… claimed [Argentina] had successfully produced “the controlled liberation of atomic energy,” not through uranium fuel, but rather through the simplest and lightest of all elements, hydrogen. The discovery, he added, was “transcendental for the future life” of his nation and would bring “a greatness which today we cannot imagine.” —

It is laughable today, but in 1951, despite official U.S. claims of disbelief, for a brief month both the USA and the USSR worried that maybe those Nazi refugees had catapulted Argentina to the head of the nuclear race.

Corruption is endemic in the society. Everyone is on the take. Argentina ranks consistently low on honesty, according to Transparency International.

To get a grasp of how poorly-run Argentina is, one has merely to know that Argentina has the fourth-largest fracking oil reserves on the planet, and the second-largest reserves of shale gas. The government’s nationalization of Spain’s YFP’s holdings, along with currency controls, have aided in inhibiting development. Everyone is afraid to invest in what would otherwise be an oil boom. Instead, Argentina is so strapped for oil that it made corrupt trade deals with Iran, which led to a cover-up of the AMIA bombing and the assassination of Prosecutor Nisman.

In 2011 the country became a net importer of energy for the first time since 1984 — The Economist

Why not? Argentina had foot riots, why not an energy deficit?!

Even Obama could not stop our oil boom, try as he might. Argentina should be swimming in money. With one-eighth our population, Argentina should be the richest nation in history, given its natural wealth.” (from the article on


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Educated Indians fall for every fraud that comes out of the west. In the awe of the Colonials, everything...
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