C Raja Mohan, Like All “Experts,” Refuses To See The Elephant In The Room: The Idea Of Pakistan

C Raja Mohan in an op-ed piece in the Indian Express of today displays the constant quality of all dhimmi experts on India-Pakistan relations; their inability or refusal to see the only issue that makes sure that the two countries can never be at peace. And the issue is “idea of Pakistan.”

Pakistan came into being because of the idea that India must revert to the position it was in at the time of death Aurangzeb. And to achieve that all means have to be deployed, including violence of all kind. And the warfare has to continue, its scale and type dependent only on relative strength of Pakistan, till this objective is achieved.

Pakistani establishment does not want to live with the present day India as equal human beings who have a right to be left alone. It believes that it has a divine duty and right to rule whole of Indian sub-continent. And it will continue to strive for that. Actions of India, short of full surrender into dhimma, just do not matter.


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