Charity? A British Charity is the Economic Analyser?

A British charity (Oxfam) has come up with a study that claims that the richest 1% of the world will own more wealth than the rest 99% put together.

Firstly, it doesn’t matter. They are not sitting on some agricultural land confiscated from the farmers, like the Feudal Lords of the past. All of these 1% are business magnates generating humongous wealth and giving employment to the billions, and paying trillions in taxes. We should be happy that they are around.

Secondly, why a Charity has come up with this study?

These so called Charities are in the business of forcing people to make contributions to them, by making them feel guilty about being rich. They then live life grand on these contributions, holding seminars in five star hotels, traveling first class, and for the show, running few schools and some hospitals.

And that is why such “studies” are commissioned.

Expect world’s Leftists to beat chests through out the year, in newspaper columns and in TV shows, about the injustice of “inequality,” with this report as the basis.


Read the whole thing here.