Dangerous Times: Obama Administration Has Reconciled To Iran Going Nuclear

Over at Steynonline.com, Mark Steyn captures Susan Rice more or less saying, ” We know Iran is going nuclear. We can’t do anything about it. Except of course making sure that Israel doesn’t do anything either. And because we can’t do anything about it, we better pretend that we allowed it.”

This will be a second theocracy, first was Pakistan, to go nuclear under the US watch. The US is a hegemon only to stop good guys from doing anything to bad guys. Bad guys can have free run, only the US would try to make it look like they are doing so with its permission.


“I’m wearily familiar with all those civilizational sell-outs who begin “Of course, I’m in favor of free speech but…” Whatever follows the “but” means the bit before the “but” is not true.

Still, it’s a riskier rhetorical device to try before a live crowd. At AIPAC yesterday, Susan Rice acknowledged that there were those who wanted Iran to forgo all domestic nuclear enrichment capacity. At which the crowd cheered and indeed rose to its feet. The huzzahs lasted long enough for TV viewers to study in some depth the expression of amused condescension on the National Security Advisor’s face, and their volume was sufficient to drown out the first of her three “buts”.

And then she resumed: “But… But… But… as desirable as that would be it is neither realistic nor achievable.” (from the article)


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