Dhimmis, Economic Illiterates Gang Up With Vote Banks In Delhi

Indian Left’s continuing control of Indian education, media, popular culture; and its falsification of Indian History has borne fruit in Delhi. An analysis of vote share of three main contenders, and its comparison with the last many elections, shows that dhimmis , economic illiterates, and mathematically challenged Indians aligned with the vote banks to hand down BJP a crushing defeat. It is a huge setback to already comatose Indian economic reforms, and may embolden Breaking India forces even further.

Right wing of India needs to know that who controls education, media, and popular culture controls the minds of population. In a country where people do not read books once they are out of college, and now increasingly even when in college/school; media becomes a very powerful shaper of opinions, and source of wisdom. Therefore taking back education and media, and making inroads into popular culture is  a must if the Nation of Ten Rivers is to be saved.