Dinesh Trivedi Of TMC Joins The Anti Land Bill Brigade, Parades Usual Economic Illiteracy

Dinesh Trivedi of TMC, in an edit page article of today’s Indian Express, reveals his economic illiteracy, and retails all the Leftist lies on the proposed amendments to Land Acquisition Law. Just one sample:


“Coming to the bill itself, the amendments are contentious. One of the major clauses deals with doing away with the consent of affected families, which, in effect, means expropriation of land rather than acquisition. How can a transaction be equitable if it is conducted without the informed consent of one of the parties, in this case, not just the landowner but also those who depend on the land for their livelihood? The right of the individual citizen has been trampled on by the might of the state.”(from his article)


Mr Dinesh Trivedi, consent means purchase, not acquisition. Expropriation is taking away something without due compensation. Learn at least basic English. Do you mean to say that there can’t be any land acquisitions in India?

He also shows ignorance of the ground situation by claiming that land acquisitions for industry will affect food security. In reality, there is already over production of main food crops in the country. There is glut of sugar and wheat, the two chief cash crops. With better irrigation facilities, food production in India can be further increased to three times of what it is today, even after giving to industry all the land it needs.


Persons with such mediocre knowledge become ministers in our Central Government.


Read the whole article here.