Doctors As Extortionists

By Anang Pal Malik


The most pernicious effect of unceasing Leftist propaganda at least since Marx has been that we all, to varying degrees, have come to accept the government as the alternative to God. In fact Leftists ascribe to government powers which the ancients never claimed even Gods possessed. (For example, they never said that God can give people free food, free clothes, free houses, free medicines, etc., which Leftists routinely claim that government can do, if Leftists are made in-charge of government) And as a result we have completely forgotten that police is public, and public is police. That society has to police itself if it wants to survive as a civilised entity. Therefore to expect that doctors can be made honest, paragons of integrity if government is made to focus on them, through some specialised agency, of course, is denying reality. Reality is that the government is not public interest personified, but just another bunch of individuals, each of whom is working in his own self-interest. If it were possible to make doctors honest through a specialised government agency, we could have one such agency for each department of government and each section of society, and make ourselves honest like Norwegians in no time. The fact is that police is generally successful because very few of us are law breakers, and police is able to catch those law breakers. If each of us were to stop self-policing, (self policing is: not to do wrong, even if nobody is watching, or even if we are sure of not getting caught) to become law breakers, police would be overwhelmed in no time and it will be free for all, as happens in countries when government collapses because everybody is out on streets looting, killing. So in a country in which 90% of those who have opportunities to be corrupt are corrupt, to expect doctors to be honest is asking the Sun to rise in the West. The Sun is not going to oblige. The socialism we have been practicing has created the economic environment in which the looters get protected, and the honest have no way to break the vicious grip. For example, our rent control laws have totally destroyed the rent market in the country. So a doctor who has a clinic inherited from father in the South Mumbai (paying Rs 10 per month as rent for the clinic), can be sure that no new graduate can come and break his monopoly, because no new graduate can afford to rent space in South Mumbai to start clinic. So the established doctor can go on fleecing the patients. And new graduates, when they somehow are able to start clinic, have to extort money from the patients because new rentals are nothing but extortions, as very few spaces are available for renting, as huge space in our cities is locked under rents of 50-75 years ago, and is not competing in the market to be rented. And of course the doctors have to compete with corrupt government servants and tax stealing businessmen for admissions of their children to schools, for grooms for their daughters. And schools are able to extort in the form of admission fees and regular fees because they have purchased/rented premises at extortionist rates, and very few are able to do so, so there are few schools and more demand. Dowry has reached extortionist levels because, owing to socialism, government jobs have become very very attractive, there are few government jobs, and fewer private jobs, so there are very few grooms eligible enough, being chased by too many fathers of girls, but having money. It is all intermeshed, interlinked, each vein of corruption feeding all other veins of corruption. But the root is socialism, and cure is dismantling of socialism, complete separation of economy and state. Rest all is wastage of time, and prolonging the real, backbreaking agony of the masses.