Environmental Mafia Is Killing Indian Industry

On TV the news is running in loop that India’s industrial production has slumped to a five year low.

On TV I also saw the news that EPCA or something like that has shut down all the industries in the Panipat. Panipat is a town in Haryana, 100 km from Delhi. I remember people from my village going to work in the Textile industry of Panipat four decades ago. This has rendered at least 40000 persons unemployed. GST collection goes for a toss, so does income tax collection. The textile industry of Panipat will relocate to Dhaka.

Does government of India know exactly how many government agencies are in the noble pursuit of protecting “environment?”

Does Modi know exactly how many government agencies are busy protecting “environment?’

We have gone collectively crazy. Totally insane. We want industrial jobs, but we have an unknown number of agencies with the authority to shut down, just like that, any industry. We have a Land Acquisition Law that has made land in India costliest in the world, rendering every project unviable, and even after paying all that crazy compensation, taking possession of land may take an indefinite time.

Panipat survived five decades of “polluting” industries. It will not survive five months of their closure. The town will die, and so will die the families of the 40000 workers. The Haryana government will not survive this closure, nor will survive the Central government. No dictator, no democratically elected leader, no religiously inspired government has ever survived a hungry population. The thugs will again be in power, and we will perish in far more horrible ways than the “polluting” industries could ever kill us.

This is a चक्रव्यूह Modi can not afford not to blast away. Denial won’t work any more. Modi has to sit down and find out exactly how many agencies are regulating industries and why. And do something about it.

Set us free Modi ji. Set our industries free. Grant us economic freedom. You owe it to us, to your motherland, and to your Dharma.