Global Warming Fraud To Undergo Name Change Again

Global Warming Fraud fell apart so they started calling it Climate Change. Now they have concluded that even that is not scaring public enough to hand over them the control of economy. So they have decided that it should be renamed once again, and the new name is Health Risk. Yes, seriously, even Obama was personally present in one such meeting that decided that now Carbon must be blamed for all the ailments people suffer from, only then they will be afraid enough. Slowly we have already seen that claims are surfacing that Carbon economy is causing ailments of lung, heart, cancer; almost everything. “Research” is surfacing from around power plants, mines, from big cities, from industrial districts as to how a larger and larger percentage of people are suffering diseases which have been caused by “pollution.” Who ordered that research, and from where the researchers got the data from the time when there was no industry in the area, are the things that are never revealed.
We will see more and more law suits, suits before tribunals, against companies and industries for making people sick, and for compensation. Our industrialisation will die even before it comes about, and all our graduates will have to go back to digging ditches under MGNREGA. More and more farmers will get impoverished, and there would be chaos all around. More people will try to find work in the hellholes of Middle East.
There will be demands for stricter laws on pollution, more tribunals, and for more Welfare Schemes. Till economy collapses completely. The “Activists” would simply fly to sine cures of UN Climate panels.
And we would be left here, tearing each other apart, like rats in a cage deprived of food.
Memo to the Global Warming fraudsters: when the environment was not polluted, it was in pure pristine state; average life expectancy was between 20 to 30 years. Now that we live in the “polluted” Carbon economy, we live to be 70 on average, and we live healthier, fitter, and safer. Fewer of us see sickness, and that gets cured in proper medical facilities created by the modern Carbon economy.
Carbon is life. Not a pollutant. Just leave us alone.