Great Sardar K P S Gill Takes Frontally on Dhimmis and Taqiyymasters

In an article on edit page of Indian Express of today, Sardar K P S Gill takes to task the enforcers of political correctness, the dhimmis who carry water for the terrorists; and the Western countries which love to harbour terrorists from the third world countries because to them, they are the oppressed leaders of “Liberation movements.”  The article is a treat to read. Just one sample below:

” It would be a mistake to believe that this is a thing of the past and that the Charlie Hebdo incident will universalise the revulsion against and rejection of terrorism. Discordant voices are already in evidence. One Indian notable has blamed American responses after 9/11 for Islamist terrorism across the world — as if Islamist terrorism did not exist before that date. He has argued further that France is paying in blood for having suppressed the freedom of Muslim women to wear the hijab. That Muslim women are suppressed by being forced into hijabs is, of course, a point of view that must never be expressed, because the feelings of some “believers” would be hurt. Another lunatic in the anarchy that is Uttar Pradesh has announced a reward of Rs 51 crore for the perpetrators of the Paris atrocity. Other murmurs of justification are already audible from across the world.”

Of course he doesn’t miss to recite the usual mantra, albeit in a subdued tone and in low voice, that the religions per se may not be commanding terror. But except this one jarring sentence, the article is a refreshingly courageous assessment of the current scene of the world wide terror.


Read the whole thing here.