Green Tribunal Again: Vintage Cars Banned In Delhi

Vintage cars stand banned in Delhi.

“Vintage car owners say the order doesn’t make sense as vintage cars are not driven regularly. “Collecting vintage cars is a hobby. It’s done to trace history of design and mechanics of old automobiles. They don’t pollute because people drive them very rarely. This order will shut our restoration shop. All the boys who are working with me will lose livelihood,” said Kaleem Khan who owns an Austin from 1930s and a Mercedes built in 1935.” (from a news item in TOI that can be read here.)

That is exactly how a government bureaucracy functions: mechanically. Since the National Green Tribunal banned vehicles older than 15 years, so it has now clarified that vintage cars also stand banned.

Vintage cars are rarely driven on roads. So it is evident that the thought that they can add to the city pollution is ridiculous. But that is how bureaucracy functions: it mechanically applies laws which should not be on the statute books in the first place.

Of course the so called Green Tribunals are unconstitutional and illegal. They are the legacy of the man -Jayaram Ramesh- who wanted to destroy India’s industrialisation.

All these tribunals must be disbanded forthwith.