Monday, April 19, 2021

In A Socialist Economy, Rationing Is Always At The Door

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Firstly, the National Green Tribunal has no business to hear the case on the falling water table of NOIDA, because that is not its jurisdiction. Secondly, the water board should give correct technical picture, and technical solutions to the tribunal, instead of the reflex socialist response of suggesting rationing.

Water table in NOIDA is falling for some very simple reasons:

1. There has been an influx of human beings in the area in last 40 years because of the industries in the city, leading to huge demand and use of water.

2. Open areas of the time before the city was settled have been paved and built upon, as would happen in any human settlement.

3. Yamuna flow has reduced, again because of falling water table in the upstream because of use of groundwater in agriculture.

Solutions are also simple:

1. Increase surface storage by constructing tanks, and use that water in city water supply.

2. Recharge the water aquifer by capturing rain water.

3. Construct more dams in the hills where Yamuna starts, so that more canal irrigation becomes possible, instead of tubewells. This is essential because water table is falling very rapidly in Haryana and Western UP.

But no, the water board would want to do what comes naturally to the socialists: rationing of houses, which would naturally lead to a black market, shortages, and a growing bribes market.

Read the news item here.

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1. Of the major countries at war in the WW II, the US and the UK lost the least...
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