Indian Express Is Promoting Abolition of Private Property Rights And A Federation Of Religions

In an op-ed article in Indian Express of date, Shefali Jha, Professor, JNU (where else !) promotes the current Leftist view of Secularism, and of course, hammers at the favourite theme of the Left: abolition of the Private Property Right.

She says that secularism, as understood by the Founding Fathers (according to her), means that State will treat all religious groups as equals. That is, India is to be a federation of religions.

In reality, secularism means that the State will deal with the citizens, not with religious groups. State is a political entity. It transacts with citizens as political beings, and deals with other States. Religious groups are not political entities, and therefore State can not deal with them in any capacity. For example, if State were to deal with a religious group, how do we find its representatives?

In case of Socialism also, the Left has recently coined a new term, of course to muddy the discourse, and keep the citizens in the dark about its true agenda. The term is “economic democracy.” Though it has not been explained in the article, it seems that Leftists mean to say that a democracy must make everybody equal in economic outcomes. Of course that can not be achieved without collectivization and redistribution of wealth of the citizens, and that can not be achieved without Abolition of Private Property Right.

Acquisition and use of property, and its disposal as one deems fit, is the God given Right of each human being. Left’s latest fad-economic democracy-can not be achieved without abolition of this God given Right.

If we allow a majority to abolish our God given Rights, we are not Free Born human beings. We are slaves of the majority.

On 26 January, 1950, we did not sign up for slavery. We signed up for Freedom.


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