Indian Spending On Health

Why exactly can’t we even see the obvious dancing before our eyes? How did we become so shallow and superficial, living mediocre lives?

The Dumbs of Hindostan have discovered that Europeans are spending such and such percentage of their GDP on health services, and we are not; how cruel of us.

So my dear Dumbs of Hindostan, we do not spend much on our health services simply because we have nothing to spend on health services after we have spent on our bare daily needs.

Just one example. Germany has been claimed to be spending over 12% of its GDP on health services. Indian figure is cited around 1.5%.

German GDP per capita is USD 48000. Take away 12%, and the German guy is still left with USD 42240 to spend on himself. Indian GDP is USD 2900. Take away 1.5% and the Indian is left with USD 2856. And even if you take away 12%, you will still have only USD 348 per capita to spend on health care, as against USD 5760 per capita in case of Germany. And if you tax Indians so high, they will clobber you, because they will starve before they ever reach the fancy Germany-like hospitals you dream of constructing.

We do not have Europe like schools, hospitals, roads, public transport, roads, and municipal services simply because we do not earn like Europeans. We do not earn like Europeans because we do not work like Europeans. We want unearned. And we vote for charlatans and liars who lie to us that they can give us European cities without us having to work like Europeans.