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Indians, Get Ready To Lose Your Car

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Comrade Lenin is out to seize your car.

Folks in the age group 40 years and above vividly remember pre-Maruti days when in India only politicians and bureaucrats had cars. Paid for by car-less mango people of course.
Well, get ready for the return of those days.
The thing most loved by the politicians and bureaucrats is scarcity, because scarcity soon leads to rationing, and rationing is where moolah and power lies.
Chandigarh administration has come up with a draft car rationing policy.
We know too well the elite of this country-politicians, bureaucrats, and judiciary-and we know too well the 130 crore sheep that inhabit this land: this draft policy will sure become law, and this law will surely be replicated in every city and town of India, spreading like a wild fire.
Many things have added up to bring about this destruction upon us:
1. We have one of the lowest FSIs in the world (again moolah for politicians, bureaucrats, and builders-it creates scarcity of land).
2. We also have rent control laws. So, at present the guy living in a house may not be the owner, not even the tenant, not even the child of the tenant. So, the guy living in the house does not own it, he has a right to it only so long as he is living in it.
3. Both above factors mean that houses built in pre-car days can not be rebuilt to accommodate cars.
4. Politicians, bureaucrats, and builders combine to make sure that new spaces are not opened up in time for the cities to expand.
5. Socialism of 70 years has meant that barring state capitals and one or two more cities in each state, the country has become inhabitable-no good schools, no good hospitals, and above all, no law and order.
6. Socialism has given rise to a whole new class-activist class. These are the Leftists who own NGOs. We fund these NGOs through grants from the government and through the latest Leftist fraud called CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility. These NGO walla Leftists have no other job but to research ever newer ways to control our lives.
7. Many of these NGOs have set their sights on cars. Cars are liberation. Cars liberate you from State. Cars increase your productivity manifold, they add many hours daily to your life. So naturally Leftists hate them.
8. One such NGO gang has come up with fantastic calculations as to how many square meter a cars occupies, multiplied that area by the cost of land in that city, and lo that is the cost of your car. Pay for that area or forget about the car. They have also come up with the calculations of consumption of oxygen by a car, and questioned the car’s (means owner’s) right to consume that oxygen at the cost of living beings!! Yep you read that right, we have such mathematically challenged thugs controlling our lives who actually believe that oxygen balance of earth can be affected by cars.
9. And so here we are. Chandigarh will ration cars.
10. What these thugs do not realise is that:
a). Land does not have any intrinsic value. Land gets value because people become rich, and people become rich because the country industrialises, and the country industrialises because people have freedom to own cars. Take away cars, the economy will die, and land will become junk the way it has become junk in Kabul and Mogadishu and Detroit.
b). The rent control laws, socialism, and the use of road Tax recovered from cars on freebies to buy votes was bound to make cities what they have become.
c). Cities are bound to grow. Because cities have jobs. As they grow, they lead to more division of labour and hence even more jobs, and hence they grow even more. Trick is to leave them free to grow, and order the growth, instead of controlling it.

But educated of this country are आर्थिक अँगूठाछाप. They will not know how their jobs and their lives are being destroyed. And masses will only clap when the cars will be seized. And the country will become Somalia.
But the politicians, bureaucrats, and NGO mob will still have cars. They will also have quotas to permit cars out of rationing line. Quotas to avail which you will need to buy or be ralated to a politician or bureaucrat.
India is done with. Finished.

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