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India’s Permanent Looting (errree.. Ruling) Elite, Jai Bhim Jai Meem, Elois And Morlocks

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The Time Machine novella by H G Wells; and India’s Permanent Looting (ok……Ruling) Elite

It is now clear that main occupation of the ruling elite of India has been to loot banks by obtaining loans and not repaying them. This supplemented their core competence of transferring the wealth of the poor and farmers to themselves through currency inflation. But the current ruling dispensation in Delhi threatens this well-entrenched elite that spans political class, bureaucracy, judiciary, media, professoriate, intellectuals, and businessmen; by stopping the loot of the banks, and by discontinuing currency inflation. So the Permanent Ruling Elite is desperate to win back power. How?

First a quick look at The Time Traveller novella:

The Time Traveller travels in time to London of A.D. 802,701 and finds that:
1. It is inhabited by human like people, but smaller in height, very delicate, with both male and female having similar hands and feet and bodies. He calls them Eloi.
2. Elois are very elegant but childlike adults. They live in large futuristic buildings, but quite a few of them are vacant.
3. He tries to communicate with them, but they have no curiosity, and no discipline. They are carefree, seem to do no work. They live on fruits. There is no agriculture, and no factories in sight. They mostly dance and frolic. That is perhaps why both male and female had similar hands and feet and bodies. There are very few children.
4. He is struck that there language has no abstract nouns, they seem to posses no imagination, do not seem capable of thinking. They converse in small sentences, with two or three words in each sentence.
5. They seem to have no fear, no adversity, and hence no strength.
6. They are totally indifferent. When a girl named Weena is about to drown in a river where a group of Elois was playing in water, none of the Elois tries to save her. She is saved by The Time Traveller himself.
7. At night, Elois sleep huddled together. Soon the Time Traveller discovers that they fear dark nights. He also finds that at night few Elois disappear, never to be seen again. But Elois never discuss about these disappearance.
8. And then he discovers that there is another group that lives underground. He calls them Morlock. Morlocks live underground where they have factories, they cloth the Eloi, they build the buildings, they do all the work. They are fierce, hairy, ape like. They come over ground at night, because they fear light shining on them.
9. And then he discovers that Morlocks eat Elois for food. They snatch Elois and take them underground to eat…..

Cut to India of 2018.
1. The elites live in tall buildings. In the basements are tailors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, washermen, grocerymen, drivers.
2. Elites now mostly work in offices on computers, both men and women, and their hand and feet are getting similar. Nobody is interested in agriculture. Children are getting fewer. They seem not to think, they mostly sing and dance, at least in movies and serials. They seem indifferent, and incurious. They seem to have no fear, and no danger, and are therefore defenceless.
3. When looked at closely, they actually seem to fear certain no-go areas. They keep away from them. When any Weena is about to drown, no elites try to save her. They simply ignore her.
4. Elites are actually snatched away. Never to be seen again.  But elites never talk about, never discuss the disappearance. In fact, if any elite tries to talk about the disappearances, fellow elites rush at him and silence him. And they never resist snatchings. Their buildings are falling vacant. And they huddle together, away from no-go areas.

So, Indian Elite is Eloi, in search of their Morlocks, who will keep them in power. India is a democracy, and they need numbers. Therefore they have come up with the idea of a new alliance- alliance of Muslims and Scheduled Castes of Hindus.

Both these groups, Muslims and Scheduled Castes of Hindus, are the most impoverished groups in India. Impoverished by the socialism adopted by the Indian Ruling Class after 1947 and resultant loot of public money by it.

But the Ruling Elite is busy creating an alternate reality through its ownership of media, academia, and bureaucracy. According to this fake reality, Muslims and Scheduled Castes are in physical danger in India, and only the Permanent Ruling Elite can save them, Therefore they must come together and vote them back into power. That they must become Morlocks and bring the Elois back to power, so that the bank loot and theft of the wealth of the poor and the farmers through currency inflation can start again. Desperation to stitch together this alliance has increased as many court cases against the corrupt politicians are reaching conclusion.

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