Industries And Therefore Jobs Are Fleeing India. Mr PM, Separate Economy And State

India is 142nd on the ease of doing business Index. It should be number one on this list. Doing so will cost nothing. In fact doing so will reduce the cost of government, and will bring humongous tax revenue to it. And will bring jobs and prosperity to the society.

A report in today’s Economic Times describes how Tech start-ups, tired of regulatory hurdles, are leaving India to the places where business is welcomed, not harassed and tortured. With the business are going our jobs, our prosperity, and our well being.

“A mass exodus of tech startups is expected this year as an increasing number of young ventures shifts overseas in search of investors and a better regulatory environment and facilities unless the government takes steps to reverse the trend.

A software product industry think tank estimates that as many as 75% of new technology startup firms, ranging from data analytics, mobility and security to cloud that intend to raise seed or venture capital will be domiciled outside the country.” (from the news item.) (Link via Parag.)


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