Irrationalities Of Socialism

Recently three of the topmost officers of great government of India were ordered to cancel their plans to travel abroad just an hour before they were to board the plane. Another who had left the previous day was told to take first available flight home.

The four were entitled to fly first class, stay in top end five star hotels, but to serve the Gods of socialism, had salaries so low that just one visit abroad in economy and stay in non-starred hotels would wipe their whole year’s salary. So apparently they had done what all government servants do for the same reasons- make a duty programme to cover the personal visit as an official one, so that all expenses could be booked to the great GOI.

Apparently the cancellation came because of hue and cry in the press. So nothing was achieved except the public humiliation of officers who each had put in at least 35 years of service.

Simple questions to the minister (who needs to personally sanction the tour programme).

1. If the duty was necessary in the public interest, why did you cancel it?
2. If it was not necessary, why did you sanction it?

The whole affair is just another confirmation of the fact that those in the positions of power in the country are not men and women of integrity, are all the time busy in the stratagems for personal gratification and aggrandisement, and they know it, and therefore panic at the first resistance, tremble every time some self-righteous thug stands up and shouts,”You are all thieves.”

And so we have extra-constitutional power centres- press, NGOs, judiciary. The power centres which have moved in to fill the vacuum created by the lack of authority in those who are in official positions, the authority drained by their corruption.

And it is a dangerous situation for the country.

To remedy the situation, socialism must be dismantled, government officers must be paid proper salaries so that they do not indulge in such wrong practices, stay honest, and thus are not amenable to blackmail and discharge their duties without fear or favour.