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Jairam Ramesh – The Man Who Singlehandedly Decimated Congress And Wrecked Indian Economy – Has Learnt Nothing

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It is a tribute to the power the Left in India holds over media that real reason because of which Congress so badly lost in 2014 has never been discussed anywhere. And the reason was that a man named Jairam Ramesh outsourced governance wholesale to NGOs. And mostly environmentalist NGOs. He wrecked Indian economy so badly, all in the service of the fraud called Global Warming, that it is yet to recover. He was not only not approving any new industries, he was cancelling approvals already granted. His role in putting India back by at least twenty years as far as industrialisation is concerned has not been brought out, and may never be brought out.

He is personally responsible for the plight of Indian nurses, and other captives, and slave labour in the Gulf. Had he not destroyed POSCO and Vedanta, all those women and men would be working in India. Airlines are in red because the growth they assumed was destroyed by this man. Graduates are again finding it difficult to get jobs in India only because this man has made it nearly impossible to start business in India.

NGOs literally owned India during UPA’s ten year rule only because of this one man. He allowed them everywhere in the corridors of power. NGOs wielded real power in all matters of approvals. He made official the tamasha called Public Hearing. In these “public hearings,” NGO mobs gather to shout everybody down, and what they decide is called “people have spoken.”

He was behind two most disastrous laws of UPA: Land Acquisition Act and Food Security Act. Both the laws are signature socialist legislation designed to bankrupt and destroy India. His another signature, illegal, and unconstitutional act – the so called Green Tribunals – is still with us and they are still happily blocking economic activities all over India, as new government has yet to find time to scrap them.

He has still not introspected, and no journalist or analyst or thinktanker has called him out on this, and therefore he is still the same Jairam Ramesh: besotted with NGOs, worried that India may get industrialised, and itching to get back to power, with all his NGO pals, and Civil Society crowd, following in procession.

He has attributed the defeat in 2014 to foxes- that Modi outfoxed Congress. It has not remotely registered on his mind the voters were angry with Congress for allowing Jairam Ramesh to destroy their jobs and prosperity, that may be the voters did not want to be digging ditches and living on Rs 2 per kg grain. That may be just like Jairam Ramesh they also wanted to have pucca houses with running water and electricity with a balanced diet of fruits and nuts and milk, in addition to grains; something only a modern industrialised economy could have given them.

He has not introspected at all. In an interview published in the Times of India of date, he is still ruing that the present government is not letting itself be controlled by NGOs, that it may actually allow industries to come up in India, that it may actually reduce environmental laws into tools to ensure clean air and water, not tools to block industrialisation of India.

He still dreams that Gandhis would again find their winning touch, so that he would be in power again, and would give NGOs the free run in the corridors of power, would shut down even existing industries, would make word of Green Tribunals the Supreme Law of land, would forces our nurses to find employment in the hellholes of Middle East, would force youngmen to migrate abroad to work as slave labours in the Gulf. So that Jairam Ramesh would make Land Acquisition impossible in India, so that the only jobs we would have would be ditch digging and filling them up, till we run out of money even for that, and end up tearing each other apart, even as Jairam Ramesh flees to take up some UN assignment.

Jairam Ramesh is living example of weaknesses of the institutions of governance in India. Just one man, driven by his ideology, was able to play havoc with the whole economy of the country, though he was only a Cabinet Minister, not even PM, and nobody, from trade bodies to parliamentary panels to Universities to media raised a finger. That is in fact typical of a socialist economy. In socialist economy government becomes so powerful, and everybody directly and indirectly becomes so dependent on /vulnerable to government power, that people can speak up only at the cost of getting thoroughly ruined. He is not just the symbol of mediocrity of our scientific establishment, which did not challenge his actions in the service of fraud called Global Warming, but also of the mediocrity of the whole ruling class. If just one man can so damage the country, that too over a span of ten years, it means our ruling elite is so mediocre and dependent on the government of the day, that it can resist no determined force out to upstage the country. Our ruling elite is also so mediocre that it can’t figure out that a man is rampaging through economy, which will have very serious consequences for the country as a whole.

Jairam Ramesh is responsible for two lost decades of India, because of his NGO driven destruction of industrialisation of India. He is responsible all the jobs lost, all the hospitals not set up as a result, all the schools and colleges not opened as a result, all the deaths because of malnutrition as a result, all the deaths because of poverty and hunger as a result.


Now read the excerpts from the interview, and see how a man can be totally blind to the results of his own actions:



“How is this government doing on the environment?

This government is aggressive on solar energy. The emphasis on solar energy is good. But the TSR sub committee report which this government has accepted is a recipe for weakening the edifice of environment legislation, regulations and laws in name of easing business.

You will continue to oppose the land acquisition bill?

Why should the government acquire land for private hospitals or private educational institutions? These are profit making bodies and they should go and buy the land. At its root, this is an ideological issue. Land is the only element of social security for millions of families. The government’s exercising of draconian powers on land goes against spirit of democracy.

Is this government draconian?

This government is more sensitive to think-tanks than to social movements; to government appointed commitees than to social activists and NGOs; to business than to voices of people affected. The manner in which Priya Pillai was offloaded… we should have self confidence, if people criticise us, we should mount a counter narrative. Why are we so afraid? The space for social activists, movements, people who are critical, an alternative point of view is shrinking. We may become what Fareed Zakaria coined – an illiberal democracy. We have elections et al, but the substance is authoritarian. As for Modi, it’s maximum arrogance minimum government.” (from the interview.)


Read the whole interview here.

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